Three metres above the sky
2015-12-29 @ 14:27:49
Hello Beautiful People !!!

Sixteen-year-old Women's, girl, from the so-called good house, the excellent pupil and the exemplary daughter, as a result of the splice tangled up of cases, are getting to know Stepa, of aggressive hooligan which the life is placing oneself from exercises on the fitness room, of races on the motor and of pointless brawls. In spite of extremely of different characters and the opposition of the overbearing mother Women's, are madly in love with themselves. Under the influence of this love which of course isn't having chances of surviving, they are changing both. Women's he is opening to world, is ripening,
and the Steppe is becoming more reflective, gentler. He is women's with only person which the Steppe entrusts with his/her dark secret which is explaining him aggressive and destructive behaviours. Freely moving in world of notions which determine world of Italian young people, Moccia told unusually credibly and smoothly a universal story about youthful rebellion, pain of growing up and family problems.

See you soon.

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