Looking for Alaska
2015-12-18 @ 18:01:33
Hello Beautiful People !!!

The life of Miles Haltera was total boredom all the way to the day, when started the learning at an equally boring boarding school. Then he came across Young Alaska. Beautiful, intelligent, funny, sexy, crazy and to pain fascinating. Alaska twisted Miles around its little finger for itself, drawing into its world and stealing the heart from him. Thanks to her will the boy find what he is searching for? Large perhaps - most intense and real experience of reality.

Deep moving debut of John Green, compared with crucial J.D. rummaging about in the cereal crop of Salinger, it to lead about thinking and sensitive young people. Of intense impressions incited to rebel, searching and the reply to important questions: for love which is toppling world over upside down, for the friendship which they are experiencing to the entire life.

See you soon.


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