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Hello Beautiful People !!!

"Love, Rosie" heart knows no master. Love doesn't appear on cue, when it is most comfortably, but when for her the time is coming. In the case for Dew of Dunne and Alex Stewart not much she was in a hurry, although announced early herself. Childhood friends together grew from at first of only a platonic bond. But their clumsiness, difficulty with the confession to what they smelt, caused that they hadn't been able to get used to playing together in the time. So the majority of the film is a history of, how their practical paths are passing each other. When one from them it is ready, suddenly is second unavailable.

It a melodrama very much moving could be, story about missed chances fortunately. "Love, Rosie" is one of the most emotional films which this year came Polish screens across. But he isn't sad history at all. Ahern, and behind her the scriptwriter and the director "Love, Rosie ", are showing that what at first glance can be a wasted time, in fact is essential for heroes to grow up for one's allocation. The fate is slow, but just.

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