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2015-12-18 @ 17:49:10
Hello Beautiful People !!!

This novel taking over to depths is a history of the Coda Reynolds, of good friend struggling with the suicide. Seeking the answer to a question: \ "what did Meg take it own life for? \" will throw the Coda into the whirl of the travel by the track of the friend which left the squalid small town to the prestigious college, but also to border self-discoveries and to the meeting with great danger. The heroine will be forced to question everything what until now regarded as the certainty. Not only one's relation with wonderful, charismatic Meg - but also meaning of such notions, as the life, love, the death and forgiving.

Gayle Forman in the highest form then again is writing about the most substantial practical problems ­ - of not only young people.

"I was here it excellent in proportion cocktail from the secret, the tragedy and the affair. Gayle Forman is letting us uncompromisingly collect the sincere portrait of the forced person oneself courage which is needed, in order to live farther after the destroying bereavement\ ". Stephen Chbosky
"Not only nice written and moving deeply, but also very Important. Applause. Simply applause\ ". Sarah Dessen.

"Similarly as in stay, if you love Forman proposes us penetrating analysis of a state of limbo between the life and the death. He is writing also about the courage essential to live more far\ ". PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

See you soon.http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-jNMnTCNZySM/Vh_CVu96EXI/AAAAAAAAE5I/0gZrKD4HTN0/s640/IMG_1305.jpg

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