Let it snow ❄
2015-12-09 @ 18:25:49
Hello Beautiful People !!!

Holidays behind the belt, therefore Beech Forest in the company extremely decided today to set the talented trio of writers of us in holiday mood. Nineteenth of November 2014 it is a date of the premiere of the set very much pleasant in the receipt of stories of the authorship of John Green for us known very well and the two of undefined authors - Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson. Ob River women in most cases aren't well-known to Polish readers, however it isn't possible to tell them to attach themselves to the catchy surname of the famous friend: their stories are level and nicely with the story written by the author of our Stars wines are engaging and searching for Alaska.

A storybook is entitled in the snowy night and completely quite well is conveying spirits of the book. For her the action is taking place in very centre of a snowstorm which took the tiny Gracetown small town in. There are holidays, and heroes of stories as a result of an ill-fated series of events are spending them in the distance than closest. Each of them has own history to tell and problems, which as far as are asking about as the rapid solution. , For readers, a possibility of observing life of them from a perspective of the spectator which can see was given us and everything knows. Thanks to that in the course of the reading the reader notices all emotions tormenting heroes and quickly is growing attached to them.

I could not call innovative stories, because in festive stories it is only about so that everyone agree, solved problems and fulfilled dreams. Yet I notice the certain originality, that is showing that the holiday season is not only gifts, Christmas trees and singing Christmas carols, but also the real life which not always is strewn in this book with roses. If we are travelling by train for the Christmas Eve, is very possible that because of the blizzard he will get stuck somewhere half roads. I am buying such solutions and even if everything is having a happy ending, I am not feeling crushed excessive cukierkowatością, because apart from it everyone three author are entering the appropriate dose of the realism into their stories, causing that they are becoming more interesting.

See you soon.


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