Home Alone
2015-11-25 @ 19:25:53
Hello Beutiful People !!!

Home Alone” is and will be one of the most famous films ever made. The film was directed by Chris Columbus and it has become a big success. Screenplay was written by John Hughes and despite its age it is still interesting. Many of us sit in front of the TV set every year at Christmas, to spend this time with a little Kevin (Macaulay Culkin).

The McCallister’s family wants to spend Christmas in France. Unfortunately, they were close to miss their flight. As a result, they miss something more… KEVIN! From then on, he must do everything himself, including the protection of the house from the two thieves who are just waiting to rob McCallister's house. Since then, lots of traps will be waiting for the thieves.

An interesting screenplay. Dynamic action. It's like a crime story! Great soundtrack produced by John Williams makes us feel like we were in this snowy, cold Chicago.
I can’t forget about the young actor who makes us laugh during the movie . I think it’s the best role that he has ever played

To sum up, Home Alone is the best in this film type. It is suitable for children and adults because I know from personal experience that adults laugh at it too. You can’t miss it in coming Christmas!

See you soon.


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