Marley and Me
2015-11-25 @ 19:14:07
Hello Beutiful People !!!

Jenny and John Grogan right after the marriage ceremony are moving to Florida. They are getting a job, are buying the house. She wants to have a child, he thinks, that it a bit too early. A friend from work is planting solving a problem on him: dog in the gift for the wife! He is less troublesome than the baby, it is necessary only to feed it and to lead to the walk. By the way it is possible to check its education talents. Still Marley is turning up at the life of Jenna and John - small labrador. The snot-nosed kid quickly grows, but isn't growing up at all. If he is listening, only to get rid of one's instinct which is ordering him of excess of the energy. In addition a requiring market isn't - everything what will be found in the range of his eyesight, superbly is suitable for a play. Marley is implementing the total chaos in the life of owners, but also in the extraordinary way is changing the entire expanding family. He is comforting, is amusing, is becoming a witness of successes and defeats. And above all he is making Jenny and John aware, that it is possible to be pleased with every moment.

See you soon.

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