There was a girl for oneself
2015-11-24 @ 19:52:59
Hello Beutiful People !!!

Charleen soon before it sixteenth birthday is one of these teenagers which problems of the entire world seem to carry on own bars. Perhaps for it is her internship at home funeral, or her worship of the artistic work Jacket of Cobain - Charleen seems to get lost in darker corners of the condition of the awareness. For her the mother suspects that with the daughter something is not this way, but the girl is preventing to itself of nobody. One day Charleen is giving in to the melancholy mood and is deciding on the suicide... Fortunately an unsuccessful suicide attempt isn't moving her to the spirit world, and rather than that to world of the hospital. Now only a real stress appears - with her mad family, the psychotherapist seasoning for the goose flesh, a social worker acting according to the textbook, the dismayed friend and class full of idiots. But just a minute, Linus is still, school loser which she met at the psychotherapist. Certainly abnormal, but somehow or other felt, interesting and funny.
after the first kiss with Linus, Charleen realizes the fact that love is an opposite of the death!

See you soon.

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