And there was already no nobody
2015-11-18 @ 19:23:28
Hello Beautiful People !!!

The game is starting, when the one eighth of heroes is reaching the fictional seaside Sticklehaven small town. Everyone were invited through secret "U.N. of Owen" to the estate on Shipwreck, for little put island on the Devonu coast .

After the arrival in the small town figures are meeting steered by the player Narracotta Patricka, of brother of the carrier of Fred Narracotta. Narracott is declaring that his brother is ill, so he will transport it is having staying to the island. In fact the brother is being sought for the crime which didn't commit and Patrick hopes that on an island he will find evidence of his innocence. When the group is reaching to the island, is coming across the poor of housemaids, but nowhere can find U.N. of Owen.

Manservant which also never met Owen, are reconstructing the album left for guests, on which the mysterious voice is accusing all those present (beyond Narracottem) for murders [13]. Narracott quickly is familiar, that his boat was destroyed, because of which everyone were imprisoned , on an island. Depending on choices of the player the games will close with one of four possible ends.

Depending on the end very Patrick, Patrick and the Pawnshop, Patrick and Vera or Patrick, the Pawnshop and Vera are surviving. Surviving Lombarda and Vera is matching the plot of the art, what Agatha Christie wrote based on her book (in the novel all figures are dying).

See you soon.

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