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2015-11-18 @ 19:11:25
Hello Beautiful People !!!

To have a wonderful family, loving parents, a younger brother, an excellent friend and a loving boy - and suddenly that's all to lose. To be hung between worlds. Between the family, but other close people. To have to choose. To live, or to walk away.

Mia lost everything. For her a close family died in a car accident. Only she rescued, if it is possible this way to call the state she was in which, since Mia is suspended between the life and the death. She left her body, but didn't walk away for good. He is in a state of limbo and can choose whether I want to stay on the earth and to live as the orphan, at the side of the beloved boy or to walk away along with my family.

Quite short book, but indeed falling into the memory.,, stay, if you love '' these are story about the love of exceptional teenagers as well as loves of the family. Of teenagers very much made out for their age. Giving some thought to the future. Making plans for the future.In it moments are alternating from the life sought-after as well as so which not one person would like to survive. This their uncertainty and tying the connection at the beginning as for me was so real.
The novel is written in the quite peculiar way, since in turns Mia which is a narrator, is presenting to us one's current situations after the accident and is going back to the past telling a story of her and Adam among others. Thanks to these flashbacks we just learn how for her living looked like .. .

Mia loves the playing of the cello, is quiet and theoretically calm. Adam is playing in the rock group which is gaining popularity, is liked at school, although isn't trying to ingratiate himself with people. It seems, that next history in which two persons from different worlds are uniting, but even if it is a novel worth reading.History is spiced up with the wonderful playing of the cello still how I am not listening to this kind then they nicely for me listened to it while reading.

In this book we can find a few wonderful thoughts so as:
,, To remember would mean to lose anew ''
, What I am supposed to tell you? Love is a whore ''
,, Sometimes the man is choosing in the life, and sometimes it is creating choice of man ''
,, Dying is straight. This life is difficult ''

I think that the author great created for the figure. Every he is inserting something into the novel and causes that she is even more exceptional.I will admit, that,, stay, if you love '' isn't my favourite book. After reading I didn't have a thought of the type,, but this book is beautiful '', but it is necessary probably to wait a few days, to think about her again and then perhaps we will look at it differently. I forgot already about things which not entirely I liked.
When I watched the trailer I thought how this history looked like .. in the book.

I had different theories, that 1) the accident is at the beginning of book 2) the accident is half books.

Probably I expected after this book some more, but still very much I liked her.There is a certain thing admittedly which doesn't have an intense influence on the novel, but I as the person which has a short sister kept an eye on it. When Mia talked her brother about the childbirth and said, that when was born he had his eyes wide open and looked to her side - children for some time after the childbirth have closed eyes. It was also something like that, (I am not reliable whether in it is this book, if not please mend it for me in comments) the Mii mother on a pregnancy test saw, one line what supposedly it marked, that will have a child, but these are after all two lines they are appearing, when the result is positive, surely no?

I know that these facts didn't have a great influence on history and perhaps you will acknowledge that I am clinging, but I had to keep an eye on it.
Now let us keep an eye on the title of the book. No, here I won't be criticizing how it was translated, since I was reconciled with it and I understood why this way he is, but recently in the head for me other thought appeared. He is saying the title stay if you love,, but after all whether or not Mia will stay whether will walk away will do it exactly out of love. Out of love to Adam or out of love to parents, true?
Finishing the review I will say one more time, but,, stay, if you love '' it is a good novel about love, choices and suffering. Not everyone will find the new candidate for the favourite book in it, - as I - but I think that it is worthwhile becoming acquainted with her, since history is to the truth cool and is able to move.

See you soon.

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