Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
2015-10-28 @ 21:07:28
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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone are my favourite book at any time I read which. I read the book for the first time in 4 for class of the primary school and very much enthralled me. Joanne Kathleen Rowling is an author. A book was published at the end of the 20th century. Harry Potter, orphan, foundling are spending their childhood at the Dursley.When the boy tried to ask where his parents are, aunt and uncle became unbearable. A scar was his characteristic feature in the shape of the lightning.
Before 11 Harry's birthday the young man is getting a letter from the stranger. Aunt and uncle is taking is doing the surprise for him - is taking him to the house, because of the incident - home from nowhere one by one a few letters arrived.
When Harry celebrated the eleventh birthday party precisely at midnight, somebody banged at the door.
After a moment the door automatically opened. A great and gigantic man, having over three metres of the height stood in them. The stranger is announcing Potter that he is a wizard, for every aunt and uncle reacted aggressively. Cicatricial also learnt that his parents had died in a car accident and he alone in person is a wizard and is just admitted to the school of the magic and the sorcery, Hogwarts.
Stranger about name Hagrid is taking Harry to London in order to buy all essential things to the institution Hogwarts.1 September uncle Vernon together with the family is taking Harry back to platform 9 and 3 / 4. Harry didn't know this platform. On the platform he noticed people mugoli, which closely for him oneself przypatrowali. He found the predilection one each for the girl which said: \ "is swarming here from mugoli\". Young lady, Ginny Weasley led him up to very platform 9 and 3 / 4. As it turned out need passages through the wall dividing platform 9 and 10. Harry after the great stress, came off towards the fence dividing platform 9 and 10 and was on a platform where the red train stood.
On the train he is getting to know Ron Weasleya and Hermione Granger, with which he is assigned to Gryffindoru. Hogwartu director, Albus Dumbledore is announcing that the admission to the third level is forbidden.Within one week, Potter managed to notice the person which he will never get to like - was it is a person about name Severus Snape. The three of friends is going to the third level. It turns out that there are three dogs which are guarding the philosopher's stone. Harries with friends are searching for information about Nicolasie Flamel,for the inventor of the philosopher's stone, from Hagrida which accidentally gave the game away.
When the first lesson of Quidditcha flying approached, Harry demonstrated what he can afford and became a member of the team of Griffons.
Unfortunately, Harry is losing his temper above the broom but thanks to Hermione he is managing to restore the balance on the broom. Severus Snape which had eye contact with Harry Potter is becoming a suspect of loss of the rule of the broom.
Later Harry is finding a few days Ain Eingarp mirror which the deepest desire for the heart is showing. Albus Dumbledore which the point of the mirror observed, asks the hero for it never again to search for the mirror.A great suspicion that the philosopher's stone intends to be stolen away exists. Harry doesn't like it, because knows that if the plan will be successful, Lord Voldemort his deadly enemy will be restored the full fitness. He is deciding to break into to the third level.
It turns out, that with who wants, and perhaps wanted to kill Potter professor Quirell which divided the body is together with the Lord Voldemort. Potter is deciding to destroy him. Harry touching Quirella with one's hands is wounding him, and simultaneously is killing. A week later the boy with the scar is waking up in the hospital wing and learns that the philosopher's stone was destroyed. A June will approach, the Gryffindor is leading with advantage of 10 points over Slytherinem. Harry must come back for consecutive holidays to his relatives.

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