Tattoo with the lily
2015-10-23 @ 17:28:21
Hello Beutiful People !

Today I wants to tell you about the book with which I already read some time to this about 1.5 year. I read it in holidays 2014 and very much appealed to me. On the eighteenth birthday is being bashed Nina's entire life which had everything newest and Phone, the handsomest boy in surroundings and of the rich father. The betrayal of the boy and the friend, the death of the father it too much for Nina.This In the rising tide of emotion he is doing the tattoo for himself with the lily. He is deciding also to leave to only her families - aunts in the United States. There he is getting to know new friends, as well as supernaturally handsome Alexa. It is initiating series of events, in which the evil after many years is able to become apparent and threatening the entire universe - and Nina is an only person which can prevent it... The book positively is clicking into place and is drawing. The action is starting warming up only at the end but it isn't generally badly. Ewa Seno wrote the book Poland writer. Frankly for reading this book a secret cover tempted me and I wasn't disappointed.

See you soon.

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