Paper Towns
2015-10-21 @ 22:10:58
Hello Beautiful People !

Yesterday I finished to read the book of John Green Paper Towns. Very much she appealed to me. The young boy and his two friends are setting off on the travel in order to find the missing girl from the neighbourhood. Spiegelman Margo Roth is this girl which is a rebel. in the days of the primary school was friends with shy Quentin- with teenager which loves margo. of certain night margo is happening to Q to call for help in getting even with her ex-boyfriend and friends. Q wasn't certain of this decision since through the inquisitiveness Margo stopped being friends. of the following day Margo went missing and Q searched for her a few weeks. I think that it is a wonderful book for cold autumn evenings since the book will encourage us for the further reading.

See you soon.

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