Girl Online
2015-10-14 @ 21:22:26
Hello Beautiful People !

Today I wants to tell you about my favourite book Girl online. Zoe Sugg is an author, British You-Tuber which I very much like. The book has 340 sides and I read her into 3 hours. As for me very much quickly I read it reading since I don't often read books. To the thing! Girl online is telling about 15 years old Penny, she lives in England. Penny is contending with many problems among others with panic attacks which got after a car accident. The teenager is going for holidays to the USA in order with mum to prepare the marriage ceremony in New York. There she is getting to know Noah, of older boy which is very secret. It turns out that Noah Flynn has a great secret which an anonymity can destroy Penny. I think that online everyone will find Girl interesting still like for me very much will appeal.

See you soon

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