Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
2016-01-11 @ 20:56:57
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The main characters are Percy Jackson - Posejdona son, Annabeth Chase - daughter the Athens and Grover Underwood - satyr. Zeus is accusing Percy'ego for the theft of its weapon - of lightning of lightning. Percy with the help of friends must clear itself of charges. Luke friend - the Hermesa son is lending the map, thanks to which he will find three pearls which will help him to escape from Hadesu, to him where the boy wants to get in order to rescue the mother. Friends are reaching the garden with sculptures which is showing itself to be a hiding place of the Medusa.

They are managing to defeat her and are finding the first pearl. In order to get second are dawning on to the museum in Nashville, where they are fighting a battle with the Hydra. For the last pearl they are setting off to Las Vegas, and there hypnotized unwittingly are spending five days in the casino Lotus. When they are reaching Hadesu is coming to light who is a real thief of lightning. Percy, his mother and Annabeth are setting off on Olimp;

Grover is staying in basements, because one pearl is missing. Before Olimpem the Posejdona son is having a fight against the Thief of Lightning, whereas very weapon is returned to Zeusa, and to the fight isn't seeking gods. Behind the persuasion Percy'ego Zeus is freeing Grover from Hades.

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Interesting case of Benjamin Button
2015-12-29 @ 14:42:22
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Incredible history of the man, which instead of to grow old, got younger.
Year 2005, hurricane Katrina will approach the New Orleans. Aged woman, Daisy Fuller (Cate Blanchett) asks the daughter (Julia Ormond), in order to the one read the diary of a close friend aloud for her, of Benjamin Buttona (Brad Pitt). The man was born on the day of ending the World War I, 11 November 1918. The mother died at the childbirth, whereas the father disowned him. Because the boy looked like the creased old man. Benjamin found his way to the nursing home for seniors, where it turned out that with age it was getting more and more young. At the end of years 30. Button is signing on a ship and is setting off to the wanderer of many years' standing all over the entire world. After the war he is coming back to the New Orleans. His father, tormented with twinges of conscience, is willing the estate and the entire wealth to him. One day Benjamin is meeting the friend from the childhood - Daisy Fuller. She grew into a beautiful woman, he was rejuvenated. It seems that for themselves they are created.

It seems that for themselves they are created. The affair is blooming oblivious to everything, however anxiety is tormenting Benjamin. The man is aware that Daisy at one time will age, whereas he will turn into the child. When their daughter is born, Button is reaching a conclusion that she should have a normal father. He is diverging, but isn't able to forget .. against Daisy.

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The Help
2015-12-29 @ 14:38:22
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The novel which won hearts of readers worldwide, is published in a new cover in series plain chocolate.
The action is focused relations of black women serving in houses of whites family in the South of the United States in years 60. Of the 20th century. However beneath the layer of the racist subject matter the author hid decks of universal deliberations not only about the being of the humanity and the tolerance, but above all about being in conflict with stereotypes, about overcoming fear, about restrictions, with which everyone we are reporting and which we want to carry. And finally about the friendship and the solidarity which power is able to accomplish wonders. Housemaids are a great written book about surprisingly of freeing power!

Housemaids took by storm reader's market. The novel was published in the United States in February 2009, and in the summer, for six weeks, unbeaten already triumphed on the top one spot of the list of best-sellers "The New York the Times". Altogether Housemaids stayed over 100 weeks at the lead of this list the most held in regard! So far copies of the novel found their way to hands of 5 million readers in 35 countries. Much a film contributed to the success of the book with Emma Stone as Skeeter, Violą Davisw of the Aibileen role and Octavią Sepcer which for the Minny creation got the Oscar.

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2015-12-29 @ 14:34:26
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Everything is pointing at it, that newly-graduated parents, Mac (Rogen Seth) and Kelly Radner (Rose Byrne) are fulfilling exactly their American dream - have a lovely daughter and a house on city outskirts. When they are discovering that their new neighbours are a dozen or so students from the brotherhood Delta Canine of baby's sleeping bag, with which the charismatic chairman is leading Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron), are trying how best to use this bizarre situation.
However events held by the brotherhood are becoming more and more noisy and both sides are starting defending their territory. It is becoming bright, that either students will vacate the house or the young married couple will lose remains of the mental health. A neighbourly war is starting.

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School of emotions
2015-12-29 @ 14:31:20
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Every spring in the small port small town Beaufort in North Karolina, when an onshore wind is bringing the smell to the salt, Landon Carter (Shane West) recalls his spent salad days from for Hollow Sullivan (Mandy Moore), with girl which changed his life. For hollow was a person the first and the last for which he felt real emotion. Completely different from school friends, never cared about it in order to be so, as they. For her the self-confidence didn't depend on the opinion of other people. For hollow, daughter of the local pastor of the Church of Baptists (Peter Coyote), wasn't afraid of showing other the faith is most important in for her living. Landon was completely different, didn't know what he wanted from the life. He spent the free time on doing silly jokes.

One of them had a twist in the tail. Landon and his pals decided "to test" of novice (Matt Lutz) which wanted to get to their package. The initiation was supposed to be held in a local factory of cement and to consist in jumping into the swimming pool. Nobody from them knew that his bottom was full of pipes broken up. The boy jumped. In a minute he sailed out all in blood. Landon jumped into water in order to drag him out. Friends escaped. He avoided the prison, but as part of the rehabilitation had to look pupils after, and participate in rehearsals of the performance in the dramatic club. These classes were supposed to teach sensitivities to other people it. Thanks to them more close he got to know Hollow which also played in this performance. Soon Landon made himself aware, that was in love with an inconspicuous Hollow.

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Three metres above the sky
2015-12-29 @ 14:27:49
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Sixteen-year-old Women's, girl, from the so-called good house, the excellent pupil and the exemplary daughter, as a result of the splice tangled up of cases, are getting to know Stepa, of aggressive hooligan which the life is placing oneself from exercises on the fitness room, of races on the motor and of pointless brawls. In spite of extremely of different characters and the opposition of the overbearing mother Women's, are madly in love with themselves. Under the influence of this love which of course isn't having chances of surviving, they are changing both. Women's he is opening to world, is ripening,
and the Steppe is becoming more reflective, gentler. He is women's with only person which the Steppe entrusts with his/her dark secret which is explaining him aggressive and destructive behaviours. Freely moving in world of notions which determine world of Italian young people, Moccia told unusually credibly and smoothly a universal story about youthful rebellion, pain of growing up and family problems.

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Looking for Alaska
2015-12-18 @ 18:01:33
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The life of Miles Haltera was total boredom all the way to the day, when started the learning at an equally boring boarding school. Then he came across Young Alaska. Beautiful, intelligent, funny, sexy, crazy and to pain fascinating. Alaska twisted Miles around its little finger for itself, drawing into its world and stealing the heart from him. Thanks to her will the boy find what he is searching for? Large perhaps - most intense and real experience of reality.

Deep moving debut of John Green, compared with crucial J.D. rummaging about in the cereal crop of Salinger, it to lead about thinking and sensitive young people. Of intense impressions incited to rebel, searching and the reply to important questions: for love which is toppling world over upside down, for the friendship which they are experiencing to the entire life.

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2015-12-18 @ 17:56:30
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"Love, Rosie" heart knows no master. Love doesn't appear on cue, when it is most comfortably, but when for her the time is coming. In the case for Dew of Dunne and Alex Stewart not much she was in a hurry, although announced early herself. Childhood friends together grew from at first of only a platonic bond. But their clumsiness, difficulty with the confession to what they smelt, caused that they hadn't been able to get used to playing together in the time. So the majority of the film is a history of, how their practical paths are passing each other. When one from them it is ready, suddenly is second unavailable.

It a melodrama very much moving could be, story about missed chances fortunately. "Love, Rosie" is one of the most emotional films which this year came Polish screens across. But he isn't sad history at all. Ahern, and behind her the scriptwriter and the director "Love, Rosie ", are showing that what at first glance can be a wasted time, in fact is essential for heroes to grow up for one's allocation. The fate is slow, but just.

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I was here ...
2015-12-18 @ 17:49:10
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This novel taking over to depths is a history of the Coda Reynolds, of good friend struggling with the suicide. Seeking the answer to a question: \ "what did Meg take it own life for? \" will throw the Coda into the whirl of the travel by the track of the friend which left the squalid small town to the prestigious college, but also to border self-discoveries and to the meeting with great danger. The heroine will be forced to question everything what until now regarded as the certainty. Not only one's relation with wonderful, charismatic Meg - but also meaning of such notions, as the life, love, the death and forgiving.

Gayle Forman in the highest form then again is writing about the most substantial practical problems ­ - of not only young people.

"I was here it excellent in proportion cocktail from the secret, the tragedy and the affair. Gayle Forman is letting us uncompromisingly collect the sincere portrait of the forced person oneself courage which is needed, in order to live farther after the destroying bereavement\ ". Stephen Chbosky
"Not only nice written and moving deeply, but also very Important. Applause. Simply applause\ ". Sarah Dessen.

"Similarly as in stay, if you love Forman proposes us penetrating analysis of a state of limbo between the life and the death. He is writing also about the courage essential to live more far\ ". PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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Let it snow ❄
2015-12-09 @ 18:25:49
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Holidays behind the belt, therefore Beech Forest in the company extremely decided today to set the talented trio of writers of us in holiday mood. Nineteenth of November 2014 it is a date of the premiere of the set very much pleasant in the receipt of stories of the authorship of John Green for us known very well and the two of undefined authors - Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson. Ob River women in most cases aren't well-known to Polish readers, however it isn't possible to tell them to attach themselves to the catchy surname of the famous friend: their stories are level and nicely with the story written by the author of our Stars wines are engaging and searching for Alaska.

A storybook is entitled in the snowy night and completely quite well is conveying spirits of the book. For her the action is taking place in very centre of a snowstorm which took the tiny Gracetown small town in. There are holidays, and heroes of stories as a result of an ill-fated series of events are spending them in the distance than closest. Each of them has own history to tell and problems, which as far as are asking about as the rapid solution. , For readers, a possibility of observing life of them from a perspective of the spectator which can see was given us and everything knows. Thanks to that in the course of the reading the reader notices all emotions tormenting heroes and quickly is growing attached to them.

I could not call innovative stories, because in festive stories it is only about so that everyone agree, solved problems and fulfilled dreams. Yet I notice the certain originality, that is showing that the holiday season is not only gifts, Christmas trees and singing Christmas carols, but also the real life which not always is strewn in this book with roses. If we are travelling by train for the Christmas Eve, is very possible that because of the blizzard he will get stuck somewhere half roads. I am buying such solutions and even if everything is having a happy ending, I am not feeling crushed excessive cukierkowatością, because apart from it everyone three author are entering the appropriate dose of the realism into their stories, causing that they are becoming more interesting.

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The Fault in Our Stars
2015-12-04 @ 20:40:52
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Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Gus (Ansel Elgort) these are couple of teenagers which the brilliance joined, dislike for it, as averages and great love. Their connection is exceptional - met at the meeting of the group of the support for persons suffering from cancer. Hazel has 17 years and overprotective parents which he is loving very much, even though are irritating her with the time. Not only similar experience associated with illness, but also love of books are joining her to Gus. The girl is dreaming in order to get to know the author of the favourite novel, of Peter van Houtena (Willem Dafoe). Repeatedly she tried to establish contact with him, but without success. Gus' perseverance is staying awarded. He is managing to reach the writer and is staying invited to the meeting in Amsterdam. He is deciding to take away with himself from Hazel.

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Girl Online On Tour
2015-12-03 @ 17:19:52
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The novel is moving readers into world well-known for the best-selling book "Girl online".

The Noah rock star is setting off in European tournee. He is going to take Penny which directly cannot wait until with himself, until at last will spend time with his remarkable boy more. However it turns out that living en route isn't a dream come true of the girl. Eternally filled Noah is contending with the troublesome friend from the team and with messages filled with threats from envious fans. Penny is starting missing with the family, Elliot and her blog, Girl online. Will she manage to be found in a new situation? Perhaps will he lose everything in pursuit of the dream summer?

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Home Alone
2015-11-25 @ 19:25:53
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Home Alone” is and will be one of the most famous films ever made. The film was directed by Chris Columbus and it has become a big success. Screenplay was written by John Hughes and despite its age it is still interesting. Many of us sit in front of the TV set every year at Christmas, to spend this time with a little Kevin (Macaulay Culkin).

The McCallister’s family wants to spend Christmas in France. Unfortunately, they were close to miss their flight. As a result, they miss something more… KEVIN! From then on, he must do everything himself, including the protection of the house from the two thieves who are just waiting to rob McCallister's house. Since then, lots of traps will be waiting for the thieves.

An interesting screenplay. Dynamic action. It's like a crime story! Great soundtrack produced by John Williams makes us feel like we were in this snowy, cold Chicago.
I can’t forget about the young actor who makes us laugh during the movie . I think it’s the best role that he has ever played

To sum up, Home Alone is the best in this film type. It is suitable for children and adults because I know from personal experience that adults laugh at it too. You can’t miss it in coming Christmas!

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Marley and Me
2015-11-25 @ 19:14:07
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Jenny and John Grogan right after the marriage ceremony are moving to Florida. They are getting a job, are buying the house. She wants to have a child, he thinks, that it a bit too early. A friend from work is planting solving a problem on him: dog in the gift for the wife! He is less troublesome than the baby, it is necessary only to feed it and to lead to the walk. By the way it is possible to check its education talents. Still Marley is turning up at the life of Jenna and John - small labrador. The snot-nosed kid quickly grows, but isn't growing up at all. If he is listening, only to get rid of one's instinct which is ordering him of excess of the energy. In addition a requiring market isn't - everything what will be found in the range of his eyesight, superbly is suitable for a play. Marley is implementing the total chaos in the life of owners, but also in the extraordinary way is changing the entire expanding family. He is comforting, is amusing, is becoming a witness of successes and defeats. And above all he is making Jenny and John aware, that it is possible to be pleased with every moment.

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There was a girl for oneself
2015-11-24 @ 19:52:59
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Charleen soon before it sixteenth birthday is one of these teenagers which problems of the entire world seem to carry on own bars. Perhaps for it is her internship at home funeral, or her worship of the artistic work Jacket of Cobain - Charleen seems to get lost in darker corners of the condition of the awareness. For her the mother suspects that with the daughter something is not this way, but the girl is preventing to itself of nobody. One day Charleen is giving in to the melancholy mood and is deciding on the suicide... Fortunately an unsuccessful suicide attempt isn't moving her to the spirit world, and rather than that to world of the hospital. Now only a real stress appears - with her mad family, the psychotherapist seasoning for the goose flesh, a social worker acting according to the textbook, the dismayed friend and class full of idiots. But just a minute, Linus is still, school loser which she met at the psychotherapist. Certainly abnormal, but somehow or other felt, interesting and funny.
after the first kiss with Linus, Charleen realizes the fact that love is an opposite of the death!

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Be your power for 365 days in the year
2015-11-18 @ 19:34:05
Hello Beautiful People !!!

Demi Lovato is a form which doesn't need than to show. For the youngest years she already connected her life with the acting and the singing, what happened thanks to one from of "princesses of Disney". She played main in numerous series and films, among others in "Solar Sonny" whether "Camp Rock". As of today she published four studio picture albums. He is seating himself also in the jury of the American edition of the X Factor program and is turning up at popular youth series Glee.

In spite of such numerous achievements and successes, a lot he is matching people up her above all from problems on the psychological background, about which it is all newspapers in the world willingly wrote at length...

Demi suffered from anorexia, bulimia, crippled herself... and in spite of about were of people which didn't believe in her problems. After all it is a superstar! He has that's all, can only dream of something else! Well, well! This American singer and the actress got lost in their own life - wasn't able to distinguish the good from the evil, of friend from the enemy.

Thanks of the closest assistance, Demi Lovato managed to return to former of oneself, anew to start smiling and to enjoy life! And with evidence of it is even if her first book: "be your power for 365 days of the year" which contains these all reflections and good advice, thanks to which Demi rose after the fall, and which now can render a service to other million!

The long introduction has its reason at the review of this position, because without being cognizant of Demi problems, it is possible not to understand words which hopes 25 are giving to million for observers for her for her for Twittera and 38 million fans on Facebooku, of so simple and at the same time so excellent words:"Stay strong".

Be your power..."it is a set of sincerest and bravest Demi observations about the life and the road to attaining happiness. Of sound advices it is here as many as 365 - for every day in the year. They are beginning with sentence - of Demi or anybody other (of even a Cinderella!) - next the author is analysing the quotation in depth given in order at the end to present the purpose with one's fan - challenge to the given day.

The reader will find the truth about stories which have often been turned by journalists for magazines, i.e. about anorexia, bulimia, self-crippling, or persecuting at school in this book. But not only! We will find also a clever, comforting word here about approval of the own body, one's own "I". Demi is convincing us, that until the man is dreaming, so long the entire world is standing open.

I will say frankly, I am not a great Demi Lovato fan. I am not watching all films with her involvement; I don't know texts of her songs. And yet somehow or other I like the form for her - and after this book my sympathy for her additionally grew. It is a wise, cool teenager which learnt to draw from the life with fists, and which decided to share this luck with everyone who will only put to listen for her to songs... be to read the book!

with the entire reading I read almost for the time - very much appealed to me! I hope, that of such books will appear more and more on our market, as well as it foreign! It is worthwhile reading!

See you soon.
And there was already no nobody
2015-11-18 @ 19:23:28
Hello Beautiful People !!!

The game is starting, when the one eighth of heroes is reaching the fictional seaside Sticklehaven small town. Everyone were invited through secret "U.N. of Owen" to the estate on Shipwreck, for little put island on the Devonu coast .

After the arrival in the small town figures are meeting steered by the player Narracotta Patricka, of brother of the carrier of Fred Narracotta. Narracott is declaring that his brother is ill, so he will transport it is having staying to the island. In fact the brother is being sought for the crime which didn't commit and Patrick hopes that on an island he will find evidence of his innocence. When the group is reaching to the island, is coming across the poor of housemaids, but nowhere can find U.N. of Owen.

Manservant which also never met Owen, are reconstructing the album left for guests, on which the mysterious voice is accusing all those present (beyond Narracottem) for murders [13]. Narracott quickly is familiar, that his boat was destroyed, because of which everyone were imprisoned , on an island. Depending on choices of the player the games will close with one of four possible ends.

Depending on the end very Patrick, Patrick and the Pawnshop, Patrick and Vera or Patrick, the Pawnshop and Vera are surviving. Surviving Lombarda and Vera is matching the plot of the art, what Agatha Christie wrote based on her book (in the novel all figures are dying).

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If you remember back
2015-11-18 @ 19:16:29
Hello Beautiful People !!!

Come back, if you remember, that is continuation stay, if you love it essence of what the Mii connection is and Adam - together is dividing the spent time, what is linking them and it, as them. What they constitute as steam and whom they are without themselves. A companion volume of the story about their fates is a rousing image of feeling and of it, like differently every of them on isn't looking.

Yes, such a twofold prospect is an excellent breath of fresh air both for told history, and for every association at any time we created which. It is reminding that every thing and every state aren't only what we can see and it is most interesting in the interrelation.

I could tell the novel about very plot very long, because at least a straight line, perfectly is portraying elaboratenesses of the fate, passing each other and finding. At least seemingly general, actually a peculiar climate is slipping a lot of details which they are creating for her and are stopping the reader all the way to the back cover. Indeed, neither it is an adventure game, neither all the more thriller, neither generally speaking to promise us no kind which he would have dynamics of the action and baking on cheeks sides accompanying every impatient knocking over. After all this way he is happening - suddenly we are discovering that the everyday life can be exciting, told into the right way - touching, and seeking and finding each other - with the best life experience.

I don't want however to betray, how a plot is developing in the first volume, therefore this time I ask for the confidence - you must simply read it!Come back, if you remember it simultaneously splendid replenishment stay, if you love and equally excellent independent novel, for which calmly it is possible to reach the first part without the acquaintance (at least of course isn't giving the full inspection then to the situation which we are getting to know). Reading this novel in astonishment I discovered that it was one of these few cases, when a next section is not heating the proverbial cutlet up, not to say - isn't equally good. She is much better!

I don't know, whether it is an issue of deeper entering the layer of emotions and reflections of heroes, or thorough examining the sensitivity of each of them, or also a ruler on cards of the novel of climate.

In come back, if you remember decks of hope much they are growing, although it isn't possible to say it is a sweet song to the glory of anybody - there is a plenty of tears, of disappointments and entire mass of bitternesses which it is necessary to swallow. But for the faith in the fact that after the storm a sun always comes out and, simply, for good literature, it is worthwhile tempting itself on the one short, but extremely concise history.
Not only for teenagers.

See you soon.
Stay in
2015-11-18 @ 19:11:25
Hello Beautiful People !!!

To have a wonderful family, loving parents, a younger brother, an excellent friend and a loving boy - and suddenly that's all to lose. To be hung between worlds. Between the family, but other close people. To have to choose. To live, or to walk away.

Mia lost everything. For her a close family died in a car accident. Only she rescued, if it is possible this way to call the state she was in which, since Mia is suspended between the life and the death. She left her body, but didn't walk away for good. He is in a state of limbo and can choose whether I want to stay on the earth and to live as the orphan, at the side of the beloved boy or to walk away along with my family.

Quite short book, but indeed falling into the memory.,, stay, if you love '' these are story about the love of exceptional teenagers as well as loves of the family. Of teenagers very much made out for their age. Giving some thought to the future. Making plans for the future.In it moments are alternating from the life sought-after as well as so which not one person would like to survive. This their uncertainty and tying the connection at the beginning as for me was so real.
The novel is written in the quite peculiar way, since in turns Mia which is a narrator, is presenting to us one's current situations after the accident and is going back to the past telling a story of her and Adam among others. Thanks to these flashbacks we just learn how for her living looked like .. .

Mia loves the playing of the cello, is quiet and theoretically calm. Adam is playing in the rock group which is gaining popularity, is liked at school, although isn't trying to ingratiate himself with people. It seems, that next history in which two persons from different worlds are uniting, but even if it is a novel worth reading.History is spiced up with the wonderful playing of the cello still how I am not listening to this kind then they nicely for me listened to it while reading.

In this book we can find a few wonderful thoughts so as:
,, To remember would mean to lose anew ''
, What I am supposed to tell you? Love is a whore ''
,, Sometimes the man is choosing in the life, and sometimes it is creating choice of man ''
,, Dying is straight. This life is difficult ''

I think that the author great created for the figure. Every he is inserting something into the novel and causes that she is even more exceptional.I will admit, that,, stay, if you love '' isn't my favourite book. After reading I didn't have a thought of the type,, but this book is beautiful '', but it is necessary probably to wait a few days, to think about her again and then perhaps we will look at it differently. I forgot already about things which not entirely I liked.
When I watched the trailer I thought how this history looked like .. in the book.

I had different theories, that 1) the accident is at the beginning of book 2) the accident is half books.

Probably I expected after this book some more, but still very much I liked her.There is a certain thing admittedly which doesn't have an intense influence on the novel, but I as the person which has a short sister kept an eye on it. When Mia talked her brother about the childbirth and said, that when was born he had his eyes wide open and looked to her side - children for some time after the childbirth have closed eyes. It was also something like that, (I am not reliable whether in it is this book, if not please mend it for me in comments) the Mii mother on a pregnancy test saw, one line what supposedly it marked, that will have a child, but these are after all two lines they are appearing, when the result is positive, surely no?

I know that these facts didn't have a great influence on history and perhaps you will acknowledge that I am clinging, but I had to keep an eye on it.
Now let us keep an eye on the title of the book. No, here I won't be criticizing how it was translated, since I was reconciled with it and I understood why this way he is, but recently in the head for me other thought appeared. He is saying the title stay if you love,, but after all whether or not Mia will stay whether will walk away will do it exactly out of love. Out of love to Adam or out of love to parents, true?
Finishing the review I will say one more time, but,, stay, if you love '' it is a good novel about love, choices and suffering. Not everyone will find the new candidate for the favourite book in it, - as I - but I think that it is worthwhile becoming acquainted with her, since history is to the truth cool and is able to move.

See you soon.
19 times Katherine
2015-11-14 @ 19:11:13
Hello Beautiful People !!!

Colin Singleton is having a liking exclusively for girls about name Katherine. And the ones always leave him. For the sake of accuracy, nineteen times so already happened. This beautiful kid adoring anagrams, tired of life is setting off on the travel all over America with his good friend Hassan, admirer reality show judge Judy. Boys have ten thousand dollars in their pocket, a bloodthirsty wild pig is chasing them, but in turn not a single one Katherine isn't accompanying them. Colin is beginning work above the Theorem about the Principle of the Predictability Katherine, which the future of every connection is supposed to predict hope, with to avenge left of this world and in the end to get the one only. Love, the friendship and the dead Austro-Hungarian archduke are clubbing together on truly explosive blend in this hilarious, multilayered novel about seeking oneself.

See you soon.
Diary of the drug addict
2015-11-04 @ 21:02:35
Hello Beautiful People !

With author and at the same time with heroine of the book the "Diary of the drug addict" is a Fri. Barbara Rosiek. She was born 25 June 1959 In Częstochowa. Of Pisarek, poet, painter. She completed psychological studies in Katowice.

The book rose from authentic notes led by Ms Barbara for years. The book is bringing a lot of problems up: non-acceptance on the part of surroundings, inconceivable give the solitude of the heroine, fight against the school, with police. That's all as a last resort took Basia to illness enslaving the body and spirit. Yes! A drug addiction is illness.
The figure for Basia is demonstrating very much a dependent man is becoming weak. In order to get ready goods it is almost to everything. Drugs took her to very bottom. Where a humanity is ending. Basia for years was deep in a lethargy. She became indifferent to emotions, surroundings. She didn't have friends. Because amongst drug addicts there is no room there are only arrangements to the friendship-. All her acquaintances were junkies. They were because everyone walked away.
Unwittingly with the sleepy smile at first Iga went out. Tomek was second...
"Tomek doesn't live. He did drugs somewhere with some people. He had collapse and those got scared. They didn't call an ambulance but transferred him to the bench and there died. And they could bring him back to life... "
It is fragment of notes from 27 May. Then Filip which went on a "golden shot" is a drug addict suicide. And Alpha oldest of the entire gang he landed in prison and there hanged himself.

All old acquaintances died only she stayed alone.
Everyone is wearing masks, adapting them to the chance. Basia did it alone. In fear of disappointing parents she pretended that everything was well. She studied, went to school. In her interior all the time a great fight lasted. Fight for the life. She didn't admit that farther he was doing drugs.
She escaped from the second man. For the year she was treated in MONARZE. Centre run by Marek Kotański. To the own wish she left it. Everyone thought that she had left as first healed. She was shy that after the week had already done drugs farther. She didn't admit to it. She lied to Kotański, parents, doctors.

One day Basia wrote: "I like the solitude but sometimes mum for her already enough. Then I am searching for people in order again to become discouraged ". And with the very quotation it is possible so that it is to sum the first part of the book up.
Every time I am reading this book I am uncovering a lot of new things. New questions are coming to my mind. But with every read side an admiration grows in me.
To finish the admiration for Basia which in spite of illness found so much strength to get out of the addiction in itself, studies, to take up work.
The addiction was an isolation from love. Only a multidimensional solitude, suffering and the death which for these all years passed by for Basia remained. Coming into contact with her.

After the syncope Basia is deciding however to live. To fight over oneself. He is finishing the secondary school, is undertaking studies and is finishing them with the distinction. He is showing, that if the man finds enough strength the way out of the addiction is possible.
He is writing: "if the life was given us it isn't possible still to ask about his meaning, but this way to survive them so that it comes true every day." and she is managing.
The diary is a book which is aimed at making us aware and the help in understanding how the drug can win the great power above the man. We must remember that our life is a running battle, that obstacles appear on our road, but if we find hope and love in ourselves we will be able to defeat them.
The book was written above all as a warning. What hell he/she is portraying behind itself a drug addiction is carrying. It is drastic book but in the threat behind itself a needed drug addiction is carrying which. I will recommend a book young people, parents and teachers, even though was spent for the first time over twenty years ago is a needed and still relevant reading still. For suming up I want to quote one fragment still from the book "every type of the drug is leading you to ultimate defeat- of the numbness".

See you soon.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
2015-10-28 @ 21:07:28
Hello Beautiful People !!!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone are my favourite book at any time I read which. I read the book for the first time in 4 for class of the primary school and very much enthralled me. Joanne Kathleen Rowling is an author. A book was published at the end of the 20th century. Harry Potter, orphan, foundling are spending their childhood at the Dursley.When the boy tried to ask where his parents are, aunt and uncle became unbearable. A scar was his characteristic feature in the shape of the lightning.
Before 11 Harry's birthday the young man is getting a letter from the stranger. Aunt and uncle is taking is doing the surprise for him - is taking him to the house, because of the incident - home from nowhere one by one a few letters arrived.
When Harry celebrated the eleventh birthday party precisely at midnight, somebody banged at the door.
After a moment the door automatically opened. A great and gigantic man, having over three metres of the height stood in them. The stranger is announcing Potter that he is a wizard, for every aunt and uncle reacted aggressively. Cicatricial also learnt that his parents had died in a car accident and he alone in person is a wizard and is just admitted to the school of the magic and the sorcery, Hogwarts.
Stranger about name Hagrid is taking Harry to London in order to buy all essential things to the institution Hogwarts.1 September uncle Vernon together with the family is taking Harry back to platform 9 and 3 / 4. Harry didn't know this platform. On the platform he noticed people mugoli, which closely for him oneself przypatrowali. He found the predilection one each for the girl which said: \ "is swarming here from mugoli\". Young lady, Ginny Weasley led him up to very platform 9 and 3 / 4. As it turned out need passages through the wall dividing platform 9 and 10. Harry after the great stress, came off towards the fence dividing platform 9 and 10 and was on a platform where the red train stood.
On the train he is getting to know Ron Weasleya and Hermione Granger, with which he is assigned to Gryffindoru. Hogwartu director, Albus Dumbledore is announcing that the admission to the third level is forbidden.Within one week, Potter managed to notice the person which he will never get to like - was it is a person about name Severus Snape. The three of friends is going to the third level. It turns out that there are three dogs which are guarding the philosopher's stone. Harries with friends are searching for information about Nicolasie Flamel,for the inventor of the philosopher's stone, from Hagrida which accidentally gave the game away.
When the first lesson of Quidditcha flying approached, Harry demonstrated what he can afford and became a member of the team of Griffons.
Unfortunately, Harry is losing his temper above the broom but thanks to Hermione he is managing to restore the balance on the broom. Severus Snape which had eye contact with Harry Potter is becoming a suspect of loss of the rule of the broom.
Later Harry is finding a few days Ain Eingarp mirror which the deepest desire for the heart is showing. Albus Dumbledore which the point of the mirror observed, asks the hero for it never again to search for the mirror.A great suspicion that the philosopher's stone intends to be stolen away exists. Harry doesn't like it, because knows that if the plan will be successful, Lord Voldemort his deadly enemy will be restored the full fitness. He is deciding to break into to the third level.
It turns out, that with who wants, and perhaps wanted to kill Potter professor Quirell which divided the body is together with the Lord Voldemort. Potter is deciding to destroy him. Harry touching Quirella with one's hands is wounding him, and simultaneously is killing. A week later the boy with the scar is waking up in the hospital wing and learns that the philosopher's stone was destroyed. A June will approach, the Gryffindor is leading with advantage of 10 points over Slytherinem. Harry must come back for consecutive holidays to his relatives.

See you soon.
Tattoo with the lily
2015-10-23 @ 17:28:21
Hello Beutiful People !

Today I wants to tell you about the book with which I already read some time to this about 1.5 year. I read it in holidays 2014 and very much appealed to me. On the eighteenth birthday is being bashed Nina's entire life which had everything newest and Phone, the handsomest boy in surroundings and of the rich father. The betrayal of the boy and the friend, the death of the father it too much for Nina.This In the rising tide of emotion he is doing the tattoo for himself with the lily. He is deciding also to leave to only her families - aunts in the United States. There he is getting to know new friends, as well as supernaturally handsome Alexa. It is initiating series of events, in which the evil after many years is able to become apparent and threatening the entire universe - and Nina is an only person which can prevent it... The book positively is clicking into place and is drawing. The action is starting warming up only at the end but it isn't generally badly. Ewa Seno wrote the book Poland writer. Frankly for reading this book a secret cover tempted me and I wasn't disappointed.

See you soon.
Paper Towns
2015-10-21 @ 22:10:58
Hello Beautiful People !

Yesterday I finished to read the book of John Green Paper Towns. Very much she appealed to me. The young boy and his two friends are setting off on the travel in order to find the missing girl from the neighbourhood. Spiegelman Margo Roth is this girl which is a rebel. in the days of the primary school was friends with shy Quentin- with teenager which loves margo. of certain night margo is happening to Q to call for help in getting even with her ex-boyfriend and friends. Q wasn't certain of this decision since through the inquisitiveness Margo stopped being friends. of the following day Margo went missing and Q searched for her a few weeks. I think that it is a wonderful book for cold autumn evenings since the book will encourage us for the further reading.

See you soon.
Girl Online
2015-10-14 @ 21:22:26
Hello Beautiful People !

Today I wants to tell you about my favourite book Girl online. Zoe Sugg is an author, British You-Tuber which I very much like. The book has 340 sides and I read her into 3 hours. As for me very much quickly I read it reading since I don't often read books. To the thing! Girl online is telling about 15 years old Penny, she lives in England. Penny is contending with many problems among others with panic attacks which got after a car accident. The teenager is going for holidays to the USA in order with mum to prepare the marriage ceremony in New York. There she is getting to know Noah, of older boy which is very secret. It turns out that Noah Flynn has a great secret which an anonymity can destroy Penny. I think that online everyone will find Girl interesting still like for me very much will appeal.

See you soon
Something new
2015-10-08 @ 22:48:07
Hello beautiful people !

I am Wiktoria I am 14 years old and writing the blog about books, films or series is my assignment on English. I will try to add the fast once during the week.

See you soon.
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