Delayed beginning
2008-02-20 @ 20:00:49
It has been long since I created this blog and I haven't written anything yet. Firstly, I didn't have time and then I completly forgot about it... But now I finally have some time so here it comes! I have decided to improve my writting skills and besides, I like writting in english! Strange, isn't it?
Apart from all really interesting crap from my everyday life ;), I am planning to write a story. I'll be based on popular TV series (no, not The Simpsons), called Blood Ties. In this story I'll use some plots and characters from the show. The rest will be made by my Sick Imagination®...
For anyone interested: you can watch it if you have AXN, it airs on Saturdays at 9 p.m. I think... This show is really amazing! It's about vampire, who teames up with p.i.(private investigator) to solve mysterious criminal cases. See one episode and you'll surely love it! (Do I have to mention that this vampire is the cutest and most handsome guy I have ever seen? Oh, he is smart and eloquent too...)
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