2007-10-05 @ 22:31:04
Today it's very hard day :( i'm sick but i must go to sql and writed a competiton ;/ my teazcher was angry when i came to class and she's frighteninn about people there...later we go to cinema anf watch "katyń". it;s very intresting but sad :( i never see murder and i don't want see this film again.

yes, "katyń" is sad film but many tells and first of all this true history...
How peoples can do such things ):

Its bad that you are ill and you have to walk to school
I haven't seen "Katyń" but I will in the nearest date ;) So I'll say what I think then.
Secnod note? Nice ;)
Good luck in writing ;)
I love this film. I think it realizes the true war and the histiry.
I haven't seen this film but I'm gonna to watch it as soon as it's possible. I heard a lot of opinions about him and I think that it's a some kind of duty for everyone of us to see this terrible historic events.

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