2008-11-16 @ 13:19:25
Today I will told about English.It is very hard language.That web site is very good for everybody.We can learn a lot of new words.For exemple:ANgame is very good too.We learn new words and we are playing.My mother found that web site so I logged.It was very good decision.Now it is end my blog post.I am going play in ANgame.BYBY.!.
2008-11-09 @ 21:54:53
HI.My name is Daniel and I am eleven years old.I am from Poland.My favourite web site is www.youtube.com.It is very funny web site.I like English very much.I am learning English at school and at the exstra lessons.My favourite subject at school is maths.I like that very much.It is end today.I wiil write something tomorrow.By by.
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