My thoughts ;)
2012-05-12 @ 19:53:21
Hello :)
I didn't write for 2 month and I'm sorry but I had tests and I did not have time to write.
My pass my tests and I'm very happy, in the summer I have to choose a new school. This will be a difficult choice. I wonder also about changing hairstyles for summer, because current already bored me.
And i don't know where I go on vacation?
Can someone help me choose a place to visit in the summer??
I'm waiting for interesting comments :)
Bye Bye :))
2012-03-23 @ 09:55:38
Hello everybody!!
Now I'm in my flat and write yet because I go to the school just at 11:30 am. I hate my timetable because I come back from school at 3 o'clock pm!!

Today I decided that I'll learn 50 engliish words everyday! It will be hard work but I want to be a native speaker!
What do you think about it?
Please write in comments and maby your methods for this language:)
I wait for comments.
See you soon :)
Beloved Thursday
2012-03-22 @ 17:13:32
This is my first blog. My name is Wiktoria. I love English and i hope someone would like to write with me in this language.
So, today like everyday I went to the school. My first lesson was math. I hate this subject. After school I went to home and ate my dinner. At 5 o'clock I'm going for a walk with my dog because today is very beautifully weather. I love walking with my pet! When I'm with him I feel quiet and my body and mind is relax.
I go to the park but I'll wirte soon!
Bye :)
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