2010-05-20 @ 17:32:27
My group won today's contest!
Although we made some mistakes, we are the champions now!
I didn't feel unsettled very much. When I had to ask for two questions about genetics and "móżdżek", I guessed correct answers.

Besides my luck, sushi also helped us because it was a favourite dish of one of judges. She gave more points after she had eaten our surprise :) But before we treated jury to sushi, it had been lying on desk near me. It smelt... funny :). I didn't dare try it, I prefer polish food.. or Italian (I had pizza for a lunch today :)

This impressions improved my mood a lot :)
with flip-flops to Big City :)
2010-05-19 @ 19:49:14
I haven't written bacause I have been very busy recently. I had to design website about ecology in my town : ) and much more things...
tomorrow I'm going to Big City :)where there is organized a competition for students from third class in gymnasium. Contestants should prepare one chemical experiment and presentation regarding one country. my teacher wants me to wear kimono and treat jury to sushi :) Of course my schoolmate and I chose Japan so her idea is good but we don't like dressing up but we are agree with treat..
solved problem
2010-05-09 @ 20:58:58
There were many problems with Blog. I couldn't add blog post and login. But now it's all right.

I'm listening to 'Holiday' - Scorpions' song. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart!
I let you take me far away, whoever you are!
I dream about a lot of free time. I don't want to have hands full of work all time!

I must say I started talking in English with my old sister on gg. She doesn't live with me but she can English so much!

I find sth what improves my mood - home-made grape juice with some water and milk! The taste that rocks my face!
2010-05-05 @ 21:06:52
I sang 'highheels'!. I become crazy! :)
Everything - mathematics
2010-05-05 @ 20:14:37
My sister came back two minutes ago. Her boyfriend wrote A2 level (matura??) today. Over six hours with mathematics! I like solving that problems. Numerals are my second life!

At school I've got extra individual lessons with extra teacher!
2010-05-05 @ 17:55:40
We had only thirty minutes to do it. To cap it all Hawk (teacher's pseudonym)was talking continuously to us! She is unbearable!
I wrote I had flown in Majorca with my sister. After arriving there we started our adventure. (When I wrote it I didn't know what was the adventure because 'I used my imagination'. At that instant I lost an inspiration.) My sister had been laying on the beach and I had been swimming and diving. Suddenly I saw a long white limousine with Hugh Laurie inside.
At the end (the teacher had just taken our 'essays') I wrote it had been the worst holiday and I had envied my sister who was closer him.

Now my short story looks quite better. But now I'm at home and I don't feel unsettled!

All in all the few sentences which I created aren't enough for me and especially for Hawk :(
next defeat at school
2010-05-05 @ 17:26:57
Ok, I had one English lesson today. My teacher gave us lists of words (wordlists???) regarding tourism and holiday. You probably think it was easy subject but not for me. I have problems with writing in polish and bigger problems with English. We have to describe our the worst/the best holiday. We could use our imagination. I hate this sentence - 'use your imagination' !!!

rest of blog post in a moment - I must close the Internet now
school debilitates
2010-05-04 @ 15:42:44
I've come from school (Perfect or Simple??) so I'm too tired to write something. See you later!
She loves you.
2010-05-03 @ 12:40:25
Today I'm listening to smash hit of The Beatles.
There aren't a lot of new words - it's good. I can't study too much - I have free time without school and mustn't tire myself out :)

I know I make mistakes writing here.
Although I've learnt English for 6 years, I've got many gaps in my memory. And I've never had a good teacher!
Wind of change.
2010-05-02 @ 21:42:20
I've already finished lesson about song which title is above this text.

Scorpions - I love that so much!

'If the days become more and more short, it means the days close in and it's autumn'

'Dream away all days and follow blowing stormwind'

'Let's use your mind! If you don't remember distant memories about stolen bell we all will lose liberty to the end of life!'

'World champion was buried in a blaze of glory after his accident on the match'

First step.
2010-05-02 @ 19:40:09
I'm 'high heels' :) This nick is the word which I've learnt recently. I'm a teenager. I don't like saying about myself. But you must know I crave to speaking English. This blog and you have to help me with it. So I want your advice.

I'll try to fulfil my ambition.

The end.
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