the results of matriculation exam
2009-12-15 @ 23:40:29
A few weeks ago all high-school graduates were writting a mock exam of Maths.Today we found out about the results.I obtained 68%.I think is good but I would like write the matura exam better(I probably belong to perfectionists).From our school failed about 20 students.It's not bad.
In my class passed all the people with one exception-Ewelina.The highest amount of points got my close friend-Marzena.She had 82%.She is very good at Maths:)But the other results weren't so fascinating.My classmates had often about 40-50%.

So I must mobilize and achieve better results in Matura exam:)
Let us hurry to love people; they depart so quickly...
2009-12-14 @ 22:39:46
Today my friend phoned me and I found out that my another friend's father has died:( He had a cancer of lung. Earlier I know he was seriously ill and he will die soon...but I didn't except it so fast.But it happened.
I am only wondering how will look like ourconversation with Marcelina-my friend.I don't know what to say in this situation.I would like to write her sth,comfort her somehow,give a support,but I don't know how.

I must to say that we seldom appreciate our closes.We often notice their importance too late...We know how we love these people when we missed them...
minute after minute,hour after hour
2009-12-09 @ 22:42:22
The time goes very quickly and I still don't have a partner for the undergraduates ball:(I don;t know who may I invite...
I am not keen on going there alone,because I like dance and don't want sit by the table and watching that all have a great fun ,except me.
I hope that I'll find sb with I 'll be dancing all the night,won't I?
new image:)
2009-12-02 @ 20:51:26
Today I was on pratice.My friend Kate asked me if she could cut my hair.I agreed.
I was sitting in the Hairdressing salon for about 4 hours.I color my hair to black.Unfortunately,my sweater wchich I lastly bought was coloured too:/
But I don't care.I have new haircut.I hope that all will like it:D
euphory:D level up:))
2009-11-30 @ 22:46:38
I should write it on Saturday but I didn't have time:)
I am so happy,because in the end I passed an exam for a driving licence!!!
I am looking forward to receive it on the paper:)
Next target was achieved:D
2009-11-16 @ 21:11:23
today I took part in English competition.It was very high level so I won't have many correct answers.but doesn't matter...I only want to check myself in English.
In addition many of pupils didn't prepare to it.I think I won't be last on the list with results:D
heart not a servant:(
2009-10-23 @ 18:24:04
I'm sitting and listening the sad songs and...I'm missing.

I miss for Him.He behaved such an idiot,when he left me alone without word of explanation,but....
now only now...I noticed that I loved him.

without electricity
2009-10-18 @ 11:27:02
Lastly I have been spending three days without elecricity.When I was going to school it was dark,I was dressing up to candle,having a breakfast to candle,washing to candle.It was crazy!
when I was backing home I didn,t know what to do,because I culdn't watch a TV,use computer or even read a book.
Instead I was talking with my family,playing cards....Boredom

fortunately, the weather is getting better and I hope that case will never repeat:)
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