One big tear :P
2007-09-27 @ 18:52:32
I'm soooo sad today :( Actually don't know why. Could be lots of reasons.
I miss my previous class so much.
Miss my English teacher - the best teacher ever!
I couldn't sleep last night. I got up and found lil' yellow table in my old Enlish book 'cause... I just needed to remind those words! I remembered only 'reliable'n'confident'.
I found also (not on purpose) lyrics to all those songs that we're singing together :(
'Take a chance on a happy ending,
Let's turn the page and stop pretending,
The past can stop a heart from mending,
It's to let go
'cos baby you know
Some things are
Better best forgotten'
'Lift me up, when the day is over
Take me up, when the sun is going down
Show me love, I will be your angel now
Lift me up, when the lights are fading
Talk me down, when I'm flying way up high
Show me love, and I'll be your angel for life
Your angel for life '
Me'n'Ola were singing 'And I'll your 'keeper for life'.
OMG! :((( I hate changes! Especially changes for worse :P Why do all good things come to an end?
World's cruel, ppl R bad&life's unfair :P
I need to go for a walk! Doggy, come here!
Love English
2007-09-26 @ 16:19:01
Hi! :) I'm Henio & I'm here 'cause I love English! I think it's fantastic :) This year I started to learn German and loved Engish muuuuuch more!
I've been in high-sql for month and hated my English teacher (Pansy) since second lesson! I have to study English on my own 'cause stuff like that I had in primary sql. :/

Today while I was sleepin' my friend called me. She was in sql 'cause I forgot to tell her that we don't have PE. She wasn't happy but I bought her lolly to apologize :)

Gotta go :)
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