The British television series
2011-12-28 @ 12:37:33
Do you know some good British television series?
Matura exams
2011-11-21 @ 19:54:54
Oh no, tomorrow I'll have a matura exam from the Polish language.. I want to be well prepare but little, I don't know what I should do...
Any advice?

About the matura exam from English language: Do you know any good exercises to the listening? It isn't good my point, so I want to know yours ways...

2011-11-16 @ 22:34:57
I dream go to the London- big,noisy city! I want to know the life in there.
So, how is tehre? Have you even been there?

My future
2011-11-13 @ 13:45:47
Hi everybody!
I'm Happiness and I'm starting my blog. In this year at school, I will write a matura exam! I very hard work for it. I want to ask you for help me :) and could you tell me something about studying English department? I dream about it, but i afraid that i won't manage there... What do you think about it?

Happiness :)
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