I hate anything what is cold...
2010-01-24 @ 14:53:43
...unless it's an icy cola in a hot, summer day.
Oh, I remember like it was yesterday, when I missed winter, and snow, and Christmas...
Yeah, but now I don't want winter anymore. I hate anything what is cold and wet. I hate it when I've got wet socks, I hate it when I can't go outside with friends (obviously no one wants to freeze)..

But, in a week I've got a ... WINTER BREAK!
break, break, break...suddenly! yeah! ^^ I'm so sick of school.
So, on winter break I'm gonna go on winter holidays to Zawoja (not far from Zakopane) with my two friends. I love skiing!
What are you going to do during your winter break? :)

What a luckier!My winter break is almost coming to the end..But you are going to have a good time..I've never been skiing..
So have a great fun:)

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