2008-06-09 @ 10:12:28
Hey. Sunday, 08.06.2008r.
Beautiful the sun.
Miraculous the weather.
Arrangements into elimination to Warsaw.
Drive a car.
Game Poland-Deutsh. 0-2 :(
I know, Really Love, is only once in live.
I'm thinking: Look on, That's love can lose.

Carpe Diem!
2008-05-24 @ 00:02:38
Catch you day very hard!
Because, this day may be final! :))
I Love life! mmm
End, if new start?
2008-05-11 @ 09:29:00
Yes, Love it is hard issue.
I'm have wend emotions, if sense?
May feeling is erroneous?
I don't know... I'm feeling, that nothing don't know.
I'm think about present if, future?
Today, I'm making a decision.
I'm spliting. At first, I will to regret and crying.
But, I have hopes, that All will happy.
Why? Why? Is, it that difficult?!

P.s I sorry, by textual errors, but I'm lerning English only year;)
2008-05-10 @ 17:52:43
What it is love? It is sensation, emotion? Yes, I know. This is feeling! But... Is It giving luck, desolation, and may only emptiness? I don't know. For me, it is giving aches now!
I have confusion in my head.
ehh ... How my poor heart aches!
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