2009-12-15 @ 16:56:54
What site in internet is the best? Expect because this is mastepiece I think that, popular with all internauts, famous for humour. If you don't know about this site earlier you must visit it!
What's more?? Of course - as same as demotywator's is famous for humour, funny pictures, texts, movies etc. I like visit too - internet game but very very extended and engrossing.
Something new
2009-12-15 @ 16:33:45
Last time I heard new song. It's not rock or metal but I think that is really good. This is sth new for me, because earlier i had not listened this type of music. Singer- Kanye West. Yes i know, i wrote earlier that i don't like hip-hop but only polish. English is little diffrence. What more?? I was sick last time but now is good. I'm waiting for Christmas which is more and more closer. And now i invite to listening song.
Greetings :)

Hobby again
2009-12-15 @ 16:07:21
No only football and music i like. What more?? Of course fast cars! I like very much Audi R8 but favourite for me is Mercedes SL65 AMG (which you can see below)
The facelifted 2008 SL model was revealed in the Geneva Motor Show in March. Engine had been improved to 3,5 Litre V6 and 311 PS. It get new agressive front and lamps and single grille. New Mercedes burn 9,4 l/100km so that's not to high for this engine.
Mercedes presented below is new AMG Black Series. It has new stronger engine 6.0L V12 with 500 kW. Result is 0-100 km in 3.8 s and electronical limited top speed - 319 km/h
2009-12-15 @ 15:44:59
More and more close to Christmas and New Year Eve!! I love this Christmas time. Only snow lack. What are your plans at this holiday?? I will spend it in home will familly but New Year Eve propably with my friends :D What can I say more? I must doing my homework :) Good bye
2009-12-15 @ 15:03:30
In the free time i like listening music. I like rock and alternative metal so no wonder that my favourite band is System of a Down. I don't like polish rap and hip hop - it is hmmm strange for me. Anyway, one of the best song of SOAD is Chop Suey. You can listen it below and agree or not with my opinion.
2009-12-15 @ 14:34:56
I wrote about my school so now I will write about my hobby. As same as every boys of course I like sport, and the most - Football. My favourite club is Real Madrid. I'm playing as goalkeeper and i really like play. Apart from football i like also history and the most - II WW but Ancient too.Not only sports and history is my hobby, but about it in next post.

Below: Stadion of Real Madrid - Santiago Bernabeu
Long time
2009-12-15 @ 14:29:17
I forgot about my blog. In school is a lot of learn and exams you know what does it mean. But I come back. Few days ago was IT exam.... Not good. For me time wasn't enought. And I don't know what mark I will get. Anyway, I and other from our school was on football cup in Poznań. Success?? We won with ours neighbours - Sports Secondary School. And what's more is putting me in a good mood for next days :)
2009-10-06 @ 20:59:28
Weekend!! YEAH I like it. But this weekend isn't as same as all. I'm sick and best days and monday and tuesday I spent in house. This is terrible. And a lot of exams in close future. I must learn... that's not a happy end.
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