2012-03-10 @ 12:01:32
In last monday I was at the job interview in norwiegian company. Yesterday they phoned to me and proposed me a job. i was very proud of myself. Furthermore in Thursday was women's day so I bought her a flowers and prepared romantic evening. It was so pleasant evening and she was very glad. Yesterday we watched really good comedy film. Meet the fockers that was a title of that film. There play Robert de Niro and Ben Stiller. I don't remember when I laughed so much last time.
Hard beginning
2012-03-06 @ 20:18:14
Today I decided to set up my own blog in order to improve my english skills. A few minutes ago I watch short video how to learn foreign languages faster. Creating a blog is one of the manners. Today I visited my friends. They live in the same city as I but I don't have much time lately. I have to connect my job with studies and other more enjoyable activities. For the moments I go with my girlfriend eat something out so I must finish.
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