Return to reality
2009-07-16 @ 23:33:51

I've done a long break with my blog...

Now I'm back and hope I'll stay for long...
2009-05-17 @ 13:04:36
Today it's very nice day.
The sun is shining, birds are singing - girls like always are beautifully :)

It's going to be interesting day, soon i'm going to ride bike with my friend, later maybe it's going to be football match - it would be awasome.

Anyway, still it's time to study some, my notes aren't very good, so it would be good if i'd study today some. Tomorow another borning day at school.

I hope you'll have a good time today too.
See ya tomorow!
Eurovision 2009 - Final
2009-05-17 @ 00:03:30
Yes! Yes! Yes!

That's what I'm talking about!

The winner of Eurovision 2009 is:

Norway! Norway! Norway!


Official comment from
After an exciting voting in front of thousands of people in a fully packed Moscow Olimpisky Indoor Arena and millions of TV viewers all over Europe, it was finally Alexander Rybak from Norway who received the highest number of points from televoters and juries from the 42 countries participating in this year's edition of Europe's favourite TV-show! Norway managed to gather 387 points altogether - a new record! -, followed by Yohanna from Iceland with 218 points and Azerbaijan's AySel & Arash who collected 207 points.
Another borning day of weekend
2009-05-16 @ 16:07:48
Heya, it's saturday now. First day of weekend (not including friday), That's time when I don't spend much time at home. Couze always there's something to do with your friends, go on a bike, play a football, or just go out together and have good time...
But today it's raining, and nouone wants to go out - including me.
When I've waked up I'm using computer.

Maybe it's good... couze I've found incredible TV program - Fringe, just watched two first parts of it, and it's awasome!
I'ts very popular program too, if you would like to get more information about it just visit:

If you would like to watch this:
You need to download it, but the fastest way are torrents. Visit , and just type there names of parts - you can find them in download section of

I hope you enjoy!
Eurovision 2009 - half-final
2009-05-16 @ 15:58:54
Don't know if you was watching eurovision 2009 in TV some time ago.

I always liked this competition, by this way you can hear new songs of artists about you haven't heard in the past. And still it's better by any other music competitions, couze here artist need to prove his own country, thay it was a good choice to send him on Eurovision 2009.

I'd like to show you some of my favorite songs, both of them passed to final - I'm very lucky about that, but still can't forget , that Poland haven't passed too.

First is Aleksander Rybak - Fairytale representing Norway, very nice song-with text which is understable (not like other songs, don't know what it's about, or text of it is so stupid)

Second is Intars Busulis - Probka representing Latvia, at first this song maked me funny, I was loughting that some king of artist like him could be send on Eurovision. But later, ahhh, something incredible... u need to see it

I hope you enjoy! And for everyone who liked it, please watch final - for me :)

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