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Weekand with " Potter Puppet Pals " . ; )
2012-04-14 @ 19:52:55
Hi guys.

I have exams soon so i have to get ready for them. It's becouse I want to write them well. But I still want to meet my friends, becouse i can't just learning at weekand. ; ) it would be sick . O ,o
Okey, so let's go to something more intresting -you know, i hope so.

" Potter Puppet Pals " it's a very famouse short movie on youtube and hole internet. They have a lot of videos, but for me the best is " The mystery ticking noice ". I found it maby two years ago. And now I love watching this. I know this song as good as them, so I am singing when i am listing this. I give you this video, to show that this is realy great.

I hope you enjoyed it ,
xo Gossipgirl

Yo, it's 'because'. I used to also make this mistake in this word.
My God, the video is horrible. I couldn't get to the end, sorry :P
Oh yeah . I hate that word . O , o
Realy ? I love this video . xd Don't apologize , i understand . ; )

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