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Easter . ; ))
2012-04-07 @ 21:32:00
So, Easter came. I love this period. Preparing sweet dishes, egg painting, tuning house, and of course lost the water on Monday. Is not it wonderful?
Forgive me that while I was gone. I had a few things to do and of course a few things to bake.
I hope that you 've already painted eggs! I have . Yesterday, along with my family watching a movie, and painted eggs differently than normal. We put stickers on it, painted their faces, hair and stuff like that. It was quite funny.
I have to end , because I have to go put the last batch of caramel on the cake. It is awfully sweet. YUM !
I hope that these holidays are for you the most happy and wet.

Happy Easter ,
xoxo Gossip Girl.

Maybe Easter is cool but I prefer Xmas whatsoever ;)
Glad you came , actually . ; ))
I love your bloog and it's big honor for me that you comment my blog .
Yeah i prefer Xmas too . But i like Easter anyway .
xoxo .
cool : )
Wow, I'm shocked. Thanks for such nice words, I didn't think anyone ever read my blog ;)
On Easter my mum makes some weird special things from eggs so I like it too.

'xoxo' is something what I saw for the first time in The Vampire Diaries. It used to be a fine tv series, what happened to it? Do you watch it too? I stopped right after it became so boring and... just lame.
Are you kidding me ? Your blog is awesome . He is on top . ; )

Yes , of cours . I watch The Vampire Diaries. I actually love it . For me it's never get bored. Yet ...
But I borrow " xoxo " from TV series Gossipgirl. I like it too .

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