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Cory Monteith. [ * ]
2013-07-23 @ 11:06:10
Cory Monteith (May 11, 1982 – July 13, 2013) was a Canadian actor and musician, known for his role as Finn Hudson on the series Glee.He had a troubled adolescence involving substance abuse ( problemy z dorastaniem przez narkotyki )from age 13, and he left school at 16. After an intervention by family and friends, he entered drug rehabilitation at age 19, and began rebuilding his life. In April 2013 he again sought treatment for addiction. In July 2013, he died of a toxic combination of heroin and alcohol in a Vancouver hotel room.
I am gonna miss him so so much. : C I was watching Glee, and Finn was one of my favorite character.
I can't imagine what his family is going trough right now. Specially his fiancee ( nażeczona ) Lea Michelle. They had to be married for two weeks. It's realy torrible.
I am gonna to remember him forever. <3
I don't think i can handle that ... ; ___ ;
I will always love you
xoxo, gossip girl.
Coming back. :3
2013-07-22 @ 16:04:37
Hello guys. I have been absent for a long time but now i am coming back.
Is anyone still here? I hope so ... : )

xoxo, gossip girl.
....... ; )
2012-04-18 @ 21:04:27
I'm tired because now I'm just learning and learning. It's can be realy exhausting.
But I don't want to lose in the form of posting here. So , today i am just gonna put here a few songs and it would be enough . I'm sorry.

xoxo , Gossipgirl .
Weekand with " Potter Puppet Pals " . ; )
2012-04-14 @ 19:52:55
Hi guys.

I have exams soon so i have to get ready for them. It's becouse I want to write them well. But I still want to meet my friends, becouse i can't just learning at weekand. ; ) it would be sick . O ,o
Okey, so let's go to something more intresting -you know, i hope so.

" Potter Puppet Pals " it's a very famouse short movie on youtube and hole internet. They have a lot of videos, but for me the best is " The mystery ticking noice ". I found it maby two years ago. And now I love watching this. I know this song as good as them, so I am singing when i am listing this. I give you this video, to show that this is realy great.

I hope you enjoyed it ,
xo Gossipgirl
Send a brain on vacation. ; )
2012-04-13 @ 20:42:04
I've just faund some realy strange videos on youtube. it's friday so i can let my mind to be a little confused. And know my brain has a very long vacation . It's just ... i can't find a good words for this .
I ' m gonna show you some of them :

For hardy people i recommend to watch many eposides " Happy tree friends " without any break. Good luck .

Hahahaah ,where is your brain right now ?
xoxo , Gossipgirl
Easter . ; ))
2012-04-07 @ 21:32:00
So, Easter came. I love this period. Preparing sweet dishes, egg painting, tuning house, and of course lost the water on Monday. Is not it wonderful?
Forgive me that while I was gone. I had a few things to do and of course a few things to bake.
I hope that you 've already painted eggs! I have . Yesterday, along with my family watching a movie, and painted eggs differently than normal. We put stickers on it, painted their faces, hair and stuff like that. It was quite funny.
I have to end , because I have to go put the last batch of caramel on the cake. It is awfully sweet. YUM !
I hope that these holidays are for you the most happy and wet.

Happy Easter ,
xoxo Gossip Girl.
Nails . XD
2012-03-24 @ 21:51:37
I know, "nail" is a very interesting and creative topic. But I just love them. I mean ... I love to look after them. I love to paint them different colors. The bright or subdued. I do not have long nails. I think that at my age is quite a long uncomfortable. But I still love them.
Many girls know how to do nails, which are breathtaking. Seriously. This is amazing. I'll show you some of them in pictures. I know how to do only those with inscriptions on the nails.

I love French nails. You know what I mean? Soon I'll show you. I even had this on my ball.
What I have currently? Gray, because I was at an open day in high schools. Well, do not fall on a strange come.
The school colorless paint that protects the nails. Are shiny and strong through what does not break.

And you? Do you like to paint your nails? And what color you have now?
I know you love them ,
xoxo Gossipgirl
Find your own way .
2012-03-22 @ 22:37:48
This is hard , isn't it ? To find your own perfect way . I haven't found it yet . Maby some day .

First thing right now is high school .
I have to choose where i want to go but this is hard when i don't know who i want to be in future. You know you can have a dream , but you have to have a more sustainable future. If your dream wouldn't fulfill .
So here we come to the step two . The future profession . Hm , i want to be an actress but it's a very hard dream . You know right know it isn't so simple to be an actress , is it ? I mean , now there are many famous people who have had the opportunity to fulfill their dreams . Teenagers and adults.
But it's more simple in America . There are produced a movie and the next . People have a lot of chance to be famouse . Here, in Poland it isn't so simple. Too bad ... But i am not losing hope. Couse it's so important. But i know that she is gonna be the best. Couse i was born to be somebody . I know it ... maby someday you are gonna see me in TV . XD I hope so .
So . Everybody , someday are gonna find their own perfect way . Me too . When ? I don't know. But i know that she is gonna be the best.

Feel it
Belive it
Dream it
Be it
xoxo gossipgirl.

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