show must go on ...
2007-02-11 @ 11:43:27
Goood Morning everybooody ! What a nice day:) It's the last day of my winter holiday . They weren't long but it's good to be at home even several days.I'm starting to package because I'm coming back to Lublin for study.
There will be a St.Valentine's Day. I hope we'll have a great time with friends even if I don't have a boyfriend. Best wishes for all in love:)

ps.To Naggy- You can read something about me in links 'about me'

see you soon and I'm looking forward to the next comments.Bye!
My first note
2007-02-08 @ 19:34:22
Hi everybody! It's my first note here and I hope that not last.I'm here by chance because I was looking through the English sites to learn some more new words and expressions in English . I know that talking in English and listening to it brings better results that learning just words. I hope that you shape my note up if you see any mistakes here . Now I'll go to watch some TV. If you want to get to know somethig about me just write!
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