2009-11-06 @ 22:09:11
It's already weekend.:) The time, when we can relax from the school. Today I was on football match. I with my friends were cheering on our city's team. Unfortunately they lost the game. But it doesn't matter. Our boys were amazing. :D
2009-11-02 @ 20:08:38
It was very exhousting day.. I came back home at 18.30.I was at school and then in the city.. The weather is awful! It was raining and it's very windy...
2009-11-01 @ 10:30:56
Today I had strange dream so I checked its meaning in the book of dream interpretation.
There is written that my friends are deceitful and they gossip about me. I don't know if it is true. Now I am thinking about my behaviour and reation with other poeple...
school? a little bit boring theme...?
2009-10-30 @ 20:02:12
A lot of people don't like school because of exams, teachers, getting up early... However, lets think, what we would do instead of a school? Working? where? with our education? no... If we struggle, life could be very interesting! :P
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