nice time
2007-03-11 @ 08:56:35
Helloo everybody !
I haven't writte long time. It's nice time for me bcoz this year my friends and I have 18's b-day and I'm going to go many parties :) In Thursday I was on party in Ekstravaganza club. It's Michal Wisniewski club. I don't like him but this club is brilliant! I'm so happy bcoz party was wonderful! In February at my class went new girl. She's name Iza. She's very friendly and she invited me at Ekstravaganza bcoz her boyfriend was organizer :). Thank U Darling :*
Hmm we r having March... We r having summer soon. I'm really so happy :D and I have much science bcoz my teachers r stupid. I have 3 tests in this week. I hate U teachers! Fuck U :P
Ok I have to go now bcoz I have to read Nad Niemnem and learn english vocabulary :)
Bye Sweeties :)
See U
2007-02-05 @ 22:42:48
I have a obsession on Prison Break :)). This serial is very interesting. I think that is better than LOST,THE HOUSEWIVES and 4400.
Today I went on swimming pool. After I was feeling very good. Tommorow I'm going to run :). I like it so much.
On this day I have a winter break but on Monday I must go to school so I haven't a good mood. I want to summer and holiday. I want to feel free...and happy! I must believe in better days because If I won't believe I'll be very sad :/ .... NEVERMIND. Life is brutal :P
I MUST BELIEVE in better tommorow!

I love this guy on a picture. His eyes.... awww :D

See Ya !
2007-02-04 @ 15:04:17
I changed colour on my blog.
In a photo is WENTWORTH MILLER. He's very handsome :) I love his :)) My new obsession.
In last Sunday I watched Prison Break and I think that this serial is very interesting. Today I'm watching too
Tommorow I'm going to swimming and next shooting... I like sport....I like be active. I think that life no sports will be bored.
2007-02-04 @ 09:31:19
Hi everyone.
I'm back. I was on sport's camp in Zacopane city. It was great. The weather is good. Every day snow is snowing. I was going with my friends on Krupówki. There was many peoples!. I think that this camp was better than last year. I had a two trainings on a day and I was going to swimming pool and gym.
Today at 10am I have a training(of schooting of course :P). I like schooting and I'm very good in this dyscipline of sports.
I must go...
See You Later !
2007-01-20 @ 19:08:43
I'm sad....again
I have a problem with my health...I have a allergic and when I eat something wrong I have a stomachache...I hate it ! I want to be healthy! I want to recover. Tommorow I'm going to run(running? I don't know....please U correct me) because after running I'm happy and feel very good
I must go....because I want to learn English vocabulary on test in my school on Monday....
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