oh noooI
2012-01-28 @ 18:30:34
I'm ill ;((

I feel badddd
I want spleeep ;(( !

I'm angry.
Winter holidays
2012-01-22 @ 11:05:15
Is the hard seasons :P

Don't like snow , don;t like winter, don't like cold </3

Don't give up ,don't give up, replay me please.
winter winter winter
2012-01-20 @ 17:37:23
ugh , I don't like winter holiday's ;(

i must learn </3 this is horrible...

I don't want it :P

But I don't give up!

Best Wishes For me , please.
What the Fuck
2012-01-04 @ 18:09:54
Man, I do not want to, I feel big laziness. God take me away.
give meeeee strong
2012-01-02 @ 19:29:35
Music in my heart <3
I want dance !!!!!!!!!!!
now now now now

.......<listening music>
Hard ,please
2012-01-01 @ 16:53:33
I have a headache, I still think how can you be persuaded to learn. The English also varies. I once, once a translator. Just like now: D What can have an idea for someone to encourage long-term study? If so, I beg you (not even ask) for forwarding me this idea.
I wish you a Happy New Year, peaceful and above all, you were always refreshed!Cofnij zmiany
Happy New Year!!!
2012-01-01 @ 13:14:58
ojojojoj Happy happy people!

this is very important year for me .\
Study <3

I'm afraid .
that fuck '
I'm afaid
My ;**
2011-12-15 @ 20:05:46
And the next day with a meaningless life, I do not want, and I'm learning to their ears. How can I motivate?
Already longer just so I can not ....
have something to do with it
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