2013-08-30 @ 08:49:41
Are you watching films in English? Or serials?
Can you recommend something for me? I don't know what I should to watch as first.


Sometimes I've had enough everything...and I feel guilty for all what I didn't do or you want blame me. I'm not a Holy Ghost and I don't know always what you thinking.


Coming soon
2013-08-26 @ 09:18:57
One week, seven days, one hundred sixty eight hour...and SCHOOL. Oh, no!
I need to prepare to this. Books, notebooks, ball pens, pencils. All need to buy. Eh...

But it is getting closer to the coveted vacations. :) Plane flight and all one week take a rest in Germany with my boyfriend. I can't wait!

Have a good day. :)
2013-08-08 @ 15:07:05
Is approaching weekend. I would drive over somewhere, take a rest, forget about all world, with my boyfriend, of course. But there isn't where so as not spend too much.
We have got mountains in near. Accommodation isn't expensive but we must go there somehow. Alone journey is big expense - about two hundred kilometers... All what is nearer, we saw... Now trip probably won't succeed, eh.

Maybe, we go out somewhere in september. This is a comforting thought. This nice touch I'm finishing on today. :)

2013-08-02 @ 11:06:14
I'm learning in Technical School majoring in logistics. I've one year yet and I'm thinkng about further my education. Studies... just which? Maybe Tourism and Recreation... but in my area are without speciality hotel and gastronomy. I would have to drive out to other province. So I don't know what I will be do after Technical School.

Perchance I could go on English philology. But whether I will manage...
Nothing to do...
2013-07-19 @ 14:04:13
I've had enough. I fall asleep in my work. I'm sitting alone in big room with big table in front of laptop. Yes, it's a conference room.
I work in office but I don't have any job to do. I'm helper here for one month. I'm BORED.

Two hour yet...and WEEKEND! Two days free of work. I will be able to get any sleep, finally. :)
Unless my boyfriend will have idea to ride somewhere. That won't bad. Maybe will be nice weather, without rain. I hope!

Minutes flocking. I count every minute. Every moments I looking on watch. I've had enough.
What is worse I haven't got idea what I can do. The worst!

Hello! This is beginning.
2013-07-19 @ 09:19:07
Hi everyone.

My first post. What should I write?
I am a girl. I want to improve my English by writing. Although my pronunciation and communication also I should work...but this place isn't for it.

Now, I have vacations but I am in work. I need some money.
However, I am bored because I haven't got any work. So I began learn English. I started course 1000 words a few days ago and I am on part 18. It is quite good.
Besides I learn grammar and times English.

I use a translation so if you will find some mistake, you can write to me. I will desire learn something more.

Bye. :)
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