I need jooooooob
2009-08-16 @ 22:04:13
There is an another day just passing by without any purpose....staying at home, doing nothing....that can make you feel more tired then working on the construction sites.

I'm hopeless, how long does it take to find any job oportunity?? I have no idea. It's been nearly 2 years since I left my Colle and........looking looking looking all the time looking for job, sending hundrets of cvs and ......... everyday feeling worst and worst and worst....changing requirements (they were big but they are already so small, especially in this country, I mean Ireland).
On the other hand there is a one thing that I cant wait for.......I'm coming back to Poland in the next week and that make me smile ( at least for now ;)) I know that there is the same situation, I mean nothing's changed but....home is home. I know also and for sure that I'll spend a few days and I will love to come back here but........
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