A bit of an update
2015-02-04 @ 14:27:24
On 12th November 2014, an assembly was held in our school. Third-grader students together with the school choir prepared a performance about the Polish Independence Day.

Special foreign guests from Georgia nad New Zealand came to visit our school. There were here from 24th to 29th November. They had classes with us and we were given some information about their countries. It was a really interesting experience!

We took part in a school disco on 28th November. It was great! Everybody had fun. The disco was organised on the occasion of St. Andrew's Day.

Our school helped some poor people during the Crhistmas time. Everybody could join the Precious Gift action donating some money or bringing some necessary goods.

On 9th December, our girls' school handball team participated in a local tournament. Our girls were the best and won the first prize. The boys from our school handball team were also good enough to be the winners. Congratulations!

Just before Christmas, students from our school went to the nearby church to sing carols together. It was a special day!

A trip to Łódź
2014-11-02 @ 16:07:15
On 20th October we had a school trip to Łódź. All the first graders took part in it. We went to the Musical Theatre and watched a play, the title of which was 'Romeo and Juliet'. The play was really cool and we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, at the end of the play Romeo and Juliet died ;). Anyway, the play impressed us very much.

A workshop
2014-11-02 @ 16:03:25
On 16th October we had classes about insobriety. There was a man who told us stories about different accident which took place in our country because of the overuse of alcohol in some people's lives. He gave us examples to support the idea that people shouldn't drive under the influence of alcohol. Those classes have taught us a lot, and thanks to them, we know how much alcohol is harmful to our health.

Teachers' Day
2014-11-02 @ 15:59:50
On 14th October there was Teacher's Day. Students had a day off. However, some of them organised a short show. They recited poems and sang beautiful songs. We hope the teachers liked our performance...

The school's patron
2014-11-02 @ 15:56:57
On 8th October in our school there was an assembly dedicated to the patron of our school, which is 31st Regiment of Kaniowscy Rifelmen. The celebration was held in the school hall, and it was attended by our school's pupils. Some students recited poems, sang songs and gave a short performance. Everyone loved it, and the audience were all impressed with our talents.

A tip trip
2014-10-05 @ 18:26:39
On September 25th, we went on a trip to a rubbish tip. We were welcomed by a big, green monster, which turned out to be a dragon (actually, the Polish word SMOK is better here, as it is an abbreviation for Segreguję Moje Odpady Komunalne). We listened to an ecology lecture about rubbish and its segregation. At the end, as a souvenir, everyone got a pen and a small mascot called Łoś CzystoŚ ;-)

Marta, Klaudia, Daria, Julia, Zuzia, Julia, Marzena, Karolina, Ola

Boys' Day and more
2014-10-05 @ 18:17:53
On September 30th, we celebrated Boy's Day, but on that day there was also another important event at school - electing the new student Chairman of the school. Iga Malińska won the race. Back to Boy's Day, girls wished their male friends all the best. Our class (girls) made a small party. We ordered pizzas and bought toy cars for the boys. The day was really nice and everyone was happy. We hope the boys will also do their best in March... ;-)

Marta, Klaudia, Daria
First moments to remember
2014-10-05 @ 17:34:50
On September 1st, a new school year started in the Junior High School no. 1 in Sieradz. On September 17th, our class (1a) went on a trip to Ruda with class 1b to get integrated. During the stay in Ruda, we played games, talked, joked, sang songs at a bonfire and, in general, we had fun. We also made new friends. Now, we keep recollecting the most wonderful moments from Ruda and we hope the atmosphere will be as nice till the end of our time in this school.

Zuzia, Klaudia, Daria, Ola, Marta

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