2010-11-14 @ 20:09:10
My name is Monika and I am an English teacher:)
I would like to tell you about my students and share our dreams and our world with English of course:)
I am not a typical teacher:)...frankly speaking I am as curly as my hair:)
As I mentioned above I teach English... and I am proud of it:) My students are MOSTLY fantastic and gorgeous! They inspire me!
My appereance? You may need to know at least some details:)If you see me will have the opportunity to run away...or I WIIL GET YOu!:)
I am a bit plump, rather short woman in my thirties( yes that is very sad!!)I have curly hair and hazel eyes.
I like GOOD STUDENTS WITH BROAD HORISONS:), rock music, theatre and all the things that seem to be crazy for ordinary people:) my sence of fashion is just a good example:)Some of my friends suggest that my motto is: BE VISIBLE- and I am sorry I have to agree:)
I am addicted to chocolate, reading and singing:)
...ok that today. Don't talk abbout me let's talk about my students. They will introduce themselves next week.
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