The second of May
2012-05-02 @ 13:41:18
It's logical, perhaps:))). But in my life nothing is logical. My opinion about my life, for example. Yesterday I wrote about my age. Sometimes I think that I'm very old and I didn't done something interesting, good in my life... My professional achievements... I afraid, that all things in professional areas in my life depends on chance. I wrote that all things was easy for me. Maybe not all, but majority. I had no problems with finishing studies, with finding the job. The first job, and the second. And now the third. Now I work as product manager in big international company. I don't know why? I don't feel right person on right position. In once heart of hearts I'm still little girl, not ready to responsible aims, tasks. Realy adult discoveries. My writing is full of mess, I know. But I'm writing about all things which are appearing in my mind. For example long weekend. I taken two days of holidays, precisely three days. One day is my holiday, one day it's fall by right - for care of child (because I have doughter, she's 14-teen, and this year is the last, when she is child, accordance with law). Instead of spending my time calmly and happily I'm still thinking about my work, about my duties, about it, that I should be in office. I can't rest. Because this kind of thinking must be strange for most of people - I don't talk about it. I'm afraid to talk about with my husband, with my parents, my brother. They don't know about my doubts. But they can see my nervousness, impatience. The ambience isn't pleasent and nice. I'm awfull, nasty and unpatient. Maybe this few minutes, than I spend time with my mind will let me be more calm. Maybe. I will write something later, about nine o'clock, I thing. See you later:)))
First of May....
2012-05-01 @ 19:15:10
2012, of course.
I decided change my life. A few parts of my life. A few small areas, which don't allow me have a happy, simple life.
The first of case is.... english of course. It's my weakness since I remember. From many, many years. I always knew, that english is very important in life, I think, that isn't possible to life in contemporary not knowing foreign languages. Everybody repeat, that english is present Latin, in our life at every turn. Of course I know... But... It was my problem in primary school, in high school, during studies. I don't know why. In primary school I learned english few years. Maybe three. I don't remember. It was big problem for me, I didn't understand what my teacher said, what was her expectations. After two years I realized, that I will never learn english. Because I haven't language skills, because I haven't enough gift. Mayby it's true... Maybe not. Meybe I wasn't parsevering enough... Now I think - maybe teaching methodes which I met wasn't suitable, adequate for me... Since I can remember - I was clever, capable and intelligent. But not for english. Is it passible? Maybe I couldn't learn? Maybe my intelligence made me wrong? I accustomed to easy learning, to simple memorizing... Because - I have very good remember. For dates, details, names. I studied economy. It wasn't problem for me to remember tens of pages for exams, hundreds of dates, persons... But remember vocabulary, words, tenses in english... It was problem, of course. During last fiveteen years I made a lots trials, test how to improve my language. But english is still my Achilles heel. Now I'm thirty nine. And I decided: It's the end. I can't feel worse than 90 percent people who I know... This blog is one of way to make me free-english-complex... Mayby I don't write correct, but I'm not worried. It's important to me, that I'm writting. Excellent will come with time. I hope...
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