2012-02-21 @ 20:56:45
Recently Kate (my doughter) took a part in ski-trip. She has never skiing before. I wasn't with her. I haven't ridden ski since my birth. Absolutely no idea how, where etc. My son Greg has no idea too.

Last Friday we got bored a little and thought about plans for evening.
I got the idea: what about the ski? Why we aren't going to ski, are we ?
We prepared some important things for skiing and went to Myślęcinek by car soon. Now I can't help emotion, while I'm writing and recalling it.
So, we arrived before 5th.p.m. and rented skis, ski-shoes, helmets as well sticks.
Most difficult was riding up by ski-lift. Before I've found myself on the top, I had fell down many times. While was lying in the snow, I heard my children's quietly laughing
Finally I found myself on the top. At last!
I got up tired and sweaty.
When I remembered my first riding down on the ski I have frozen my skin and my hair stand up! I fell down of course many, many times...
In Saturday we tried again. It went much easier.
While we was going home, we visited a shop just by the way... There I bought a new ski and ski-shoes. For my children I bought the ski helmets as well ski-stick. Greg chose gogle too. Money for nothing... I love spend some money for hobby :), but it'll be my second expansive hobby, I think.
I spent lots money and I was very lucky. My children were lucky too. Only my wife couldn't shake off.
U2 - my translation
2012-02-15 @ 02:48:31
By the way - dug out of the drawer (U2 - my translation)

Where are you?
Where I'll find you?
I’ve travelled across the Earth
Because of you.

I want to be close to you.

Look at my injured foot
Look at my swollen knee
Look at my yarning heart
Everything because I want to be with you.

I'm still looking for you and you're still invisible to me...

Her sweet lips
Burning like a fire
Hasn’t brought you back me, my Lord.

Neither the language of angels
Or deal with a devil
Haven’t quenched the thirst be with you

Because I'm still looking for you and you're still invisible to me...

I believe that your Kingdom will come someday.
So, I have to run into your side

You make me free
You’ve taken my shame
You’ve taken my sin
Diseases of my soul...
Your cross makes me free

Even if the sky is bored by blue,
I'll never switch off the light of hope.

But I still haven't found
What I'm looking for...
part two
2012-02-13 @ 23:39:50
Part two (explication)
Somewhere, but very closes the soldiers were getting ready to the fight. The barracks consisted of two identical oval buildings, linked together by a long corridor.
The most important this corridor was a common way outside of both buildings together. Because of the shape of the buildings they were called “the first oval headquarter” and “the second oval headquarter”.
Where the soldiers found there? Nobody has never known. However, it was known, that who has gone to fight –never come back. Never.
This doesn’t means that anyone was afraid to go to fight. They haven’t known “afraid”. Everyone was waiting his whole life for this most important battle.
The soldiers didn’t have a time for thinking about the past and future. The most important was: “here” and “now”. If the red bulb light on, they’ll have be ready. They’ll must be ready. Who had not been ready for fight, didn’t survive.
The life in the barracks for a people who doesn’t know a soldiers life, was really cruel. It happened the whole army marched into the certain death. They died in a hostile environment; or wandered in the jungle, or were washed away by acid-rain… Sometimes the soldier were captured. Death in captivity was a disgrace for a soldier. So, nobody wanted to die. They were unimaginable crowded in the strange room with flexible walls without windows or doors and died in huge agony. They died with a sense of betrayal.
It was really the betrayal!
The soldier who won the battle - the history of this barracks knew only one brave soldier – accessed of honors and passed into a human-history for ever. He called: “The Chosen One of the Stars”. He could relax and listen the beating of the drum for his honor for days.

I wont run out into the future so far.

McGregor was a well-trained soldier. All exams he passed as pupil of the both ovals building.
He was sitting on the threshold of the armory and meditating about of the meaning of existence when the roar of sirens stopped it. Everywhere it was heard the voice calling for the mobilization in the barracks. He as acted as an automaton and worked like a machine.
McGregor ran toward the codes-room to take with the RN-codes. Without them he would be treated as an intruder. Immediately he reported to the output gate. At the gate there was an indescribable crowd.
At the moment the gate has opened and crowded army was thrown outside with great power.
McGregor didn’t look back. This was intuitive. Watching the back, at best, could end up vomiting. When he was already far away from the sluice, he slowed.
However the truck before him was quite far yet.
Suddenly someone asked him about the codes. He was prepared; showed the codes and could go ahead.
When he had spotted a group of soldiers behind him hastened. McGregor arrived at the fort as first. He stopped for the moment and calculated the time of his amazing trip. It continuously for 9,5 hours. The important things was before him.
There has never been anyone inside the citadel, and the citadel has never won. McGregor has never heard and never spoken about the inside of the fort. Fortress had no doors and no windows. The way into the interior he had to forge by a spear only. He priced all the next hour frantically. At last he did a hole in the wall. The soldier went inside. He had matched the codes then he opened the keys-cabinet. McGregor took the keys. He matched the key to the door of only one room in the fortress. There was a big mirror in the room. Everything he has seen happened doubled.
He didn’t understand where were the honors? Where was a drum in his honor?
In the mirror appeared the very next door He opened its and went into the second room. There were four mirrors in the second room and four new doors. Every door he had to open. Opening the each next door has doubled the quantity of rooms. It was a really hard work.
McGregor has worked since two months with any breaks but the very next day he noticed, that each opening of new rooms, multiplied their quantity in geometrical progression.
At some point, he has even scared of what he did? He wanted go back, but it was too late and he has opened too many rooms. Everywhere he moved, he had to open and double the space. He has lost control over this. McGregor had to accept it. No another way.
Some day he found a time for relaxing. He lay comfortably and opened eyes. Probably for first time. There was dark around. He felt a slight wobble and heard a quiet drum sound. At last! Thanks of the Lord! He was waiting for long time… He was really happy for first time.
From that moment, every day after work, he was putting out and was swinging and listening the sound of the drum. He loved it.
But over the time there was getting tighter.
He couldn’t straighten his legs and hands. Each day it was getting worse and worse. Even the sound of the drum wasn’t reassured. At nights couldn’t sleep and he had already enough! He wanted to break free.
Then he reminded a hole in the wall of fortress…. The such anger sized him that he started scratching and kicking. The wall cracked at last, but the hole was too small. He kicked much harder than before.
Terrifying light and horrible cold covered his necked body. McGregor howled as loud as he could the most and felt close to death. His voice echoed on the white walls of the hospital.
- You have a son, sir!
- Sir? Do you hear me?

Trembling hands I cut off the connecting of my son and his mother by large scissors. In her eyes there was no already fear. She tenderly hugged our child and closed tired eyes. Known me gentle smile painted on her face.
I felt the tears on my cheek.

[to be continued...]
The ballad of a brave small soldier
2012-02-12 @ 23:29:54
Part one (prologue)

Out of the fast moving, black clouds large drops dropped just like ripe violet plums fall in autumn.

It was going to storm.

Holding hands we returned to the tent

The tent was seeded on a meadow. I have not damaged to dig a ditch around it. When we whole wetly arrived, the water was penetrating inside the tent. Terrible roar closed the space between us.
This space was limited by our breath only. Sometimes the breath didn’t share as even...

I spotted a fear in her eyes. I’ve never seen the fear. She had not been afraid before...

It wasn’t usual fear. She was terrified!
Didn’t she trust me? God... How much I could give, that her fear be just the fear of the storm only...

The morning sun moved me outside. There are birds bathed in its first rays on the treetops.

They sang nice song and didn’t worry of me.
I had the rod cast, than I sat comfortably and hid my face in hands.

I didn’t want thinking about her, but the things crowded in my head.

What was happened? Why she was terrified? Damn! I lost my mind for her? What with my plans? My future, freedom...?

In the very next moment all plains flew out into the unknown space away... They melt like "lemon drops" – high above the chimney tops...(I was trying to comfort). But in “Over the rainbow” the troubles melt but I the troubles added myself...

I didn’t think about fishing. I couldn’t... I was still quietly repeating the inquire: why?
Why the life goes on so fast? Why I haven’t time to think? Why I can’t think about nothing more than her? Why I’ve met her at last?
Maybe the answer was hiding somewhere in the wild river? I looked at brown water. After the storm there swam the pieces of tree and rubbish on the surface. They jumped on the small waves and slowly sank. They disappeared somewhere in the depth. I dreamed that my questions will be sinking with them.
I was watching my hands for quiet long time and lines of my palms. The answer has written there? The wise man said: everything is writing in every line in your palms…
Love of my life… Where are you? Where is the line you’ve hidden?
Dust in the wind! Vanity of vanities!

The life must go on… Go? It runs! Like a train, but I don’t know which direct I have to choose.
Ok, I have to make decision. I must to make decision. It will be the most difficult decision in my life I’ve ever made.
Slowly I was taking the back way to the tent.
She was standing and looking at me when I arrived. In her eyes reflected the “Tree of Knowledge” fully of good fruit.
I throw the rod on the grass and closed her in my arms. I felt her tears on my cheek.
Corner of my eye there I spotted a wild rose in the Vistula bushes. I remembered a ballad about a the Little Prince... You must be responsible for your rose...
Her tears was whispering directly into my mind, into my soul: be responsible, no another way!
I’ve still heard that whisper and never forget its.
The tears have always something magic. They are exponent the happiness and cry for help too. Her tears were one and the other. I didn’t know which one more…
She was the answer! She was my future, my fear, my love, my whole world!
Black clouds covered dark-blue sky. The sun went down. It’s going to night.
Drops of the rain was banging the tent all the night. Here was homely inside. I was watching her silent breathing. The breath was becoming slower and dipper. I kissed her salty cheek as fondly as it was only possible. It made opening her eyes for the moment. Gentle smile froze on her face. I couldn’t sleep.

[be continued... please comment my mistakes :-)]

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