2016-01-17 @ 20:20:38
A young married couple experiencing the drama of the loss of the unborn child. To restore a semblance of normal life, they decide to adopt. In the nearby orphanage they befriend nine-ester. Her appearance gives rise to unusual events. Kate discovers the danger and tries to draw attention to others. Unfortunately, the warnings are heard when all is too late ... The nine Esther changes the life of Kate and John's nightmare.
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"Romeo and Juliet"
2016-01-10 @ 19:13:31
Recently I read the book "Romeo and Juliet". He talks about love fourteen and seventeen year old girl's boyfriend. All the action takes 5 days. They get to know and fall in love at a masked ball. The next day they married. Their adventure ends in suicide. I mean I liked this book, but in the end no reading. But I encourage you to read.
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"Just love me"
2016-01-02 @ 10:58:55
"Just Love Me" is a film about young rich inhabitants of Warsaw; happiness lacks only love, though some are not aware of it. Young handsome architect Michael leads arranged, although running without emotion life. Although having an affair with a vigorous and articulate Agata - a colleague from work, but actually doing it without conviction. Michael's life is turned upside down when his door knocking resolute 7-year-old Michalina declaring him that he is her father.
But it is not the only person who hit enters into force handsome architect. When in his office there is a new collaborator Julia - delicate interiors specialist ukwiecania, Michael's life changed forever.
This is a beautiful movie. Worth seeing.
See you soon.
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