2011-02-14 @ 21:15:19
Hi, my name is Ola. I have 15 years old and may I star of this : I learn english from not to long ( may... 2 months?) I don't remember many things like a : many words, grammr or times england ( I well it says?) Jizz.... I'm think I had made a lot of basic errors (?)
please don't laught at me. I'm trying realy hard. And I would be very grateful for the guidance.
I wanna be a doctor in the future. Exactly : neurosurgeon :) And i want to live in America, I want to work in this country. It will be difficult but i bealive : if I really wanted it - i can make it.
If you can't understand what I write on this blog, please send mail to me :D
I will write more about myself and my life in the next blogpost.
I hope someone will read it :D
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