"Apocalyptic Flash" part.2
2011-01-18 @ 19:55:23
Gnomes in the face of danger go in the mountains, and debating how to prevent the apocalyptic consequences of Flash. According to the Alliance rocks provide them peace of the dwarves. Gnomes invented, among others runic defense (which is used in all the armor) or rune armor to protect against damage from lasers, plasma shells, pulse, etc. What makes these weapons attacks are treated as ordinary blows (ie, KP armor also defends against attacks by people in the future).
Orcs were expelled from the north by the Crystal Palace and most of them made a deal with people fleeing the hot desert steppes of the west.
"Apocalyptic Flash"
2010-12-15 @ 19:26:56
From the sky flew a powerful crystal meteorite that crashed into the Order of the Guardians of Time located in the icy wastes north. Because of this post of big destruction and by the destructive force of a meteorite was a magical time gap. With this small anomaly Future People got into the My War's world, assuming their base in the south near the dwarven habitat.
In the north, where the meteorite hit was the Crystal Palace, which mutates living beings with crystals giving them a powerful force, but thereby controlling their minds.
In the face of these events:
People, halflings, half-elves and other races arrange a crusade to Crystal Palace and guerrilla attacks on the Human Future.
Elves "entrenched" in the woods and defend them against attacks by the Crystal Palace, the Human Future, and especially before furies Dark Elves.
Drows have recognized Crystal Palace as their god, pray to him and offer him sacrifices. Many of them received a "gift" from the Crystals mutation. Mutated elves receive different powers, and among the other inhabitants of the underworld are highly respected and often are the commanders of armies or powerful mages. Dark elves are confident plunder villages and towns, but their main purpose is to destroy the forests of their ancient enemies.
For dwarves, who love technology, Future People Database is an interesting toy. These little creatures love to smash the machine into parts, and then melt them with axes. In addition, the more you hurt someone that enjoys the Future People are more respectful. Dwarves treat this war as good entertainment, and the latter as the major problem of the process of colonization.
"The Past" part.5
2010-12-15 @ 19:24:08
Then for the first time the world heard about the elves. These inherently peaceful creatures fell into a rage and fought a great battle with the orcs. Offensive inhabitants of the forest was so unexpected and powerful that the Orcs were eruption of the trunk. Within such a short time interval were killed almost 90% of the orcs. The remains of hordes retreated north to rebuild the army. So ended the raid of orcs and Development Era began.
Elven warriors who fought against the orcs did not return to their forests. Seeing the enormity of the outdoor world had not yet began to colonize other parts. At the same time in the southern mountains, there are dwarves, and the underworld came out dark elves.
Dwarves have concluded with the gnomes Rock Alliance, which established the transfer of knowledge about the runes and the protection of military dwarves gnomom, and the sharing of technologies between the two races.
The elves came into conflict with the dark elves being regarded as being impure blood. The war between the two races had no meaning and no end, because the dark elves do not like to venture in the woods, and the elves of the underworld.
What is the origin of humans, there is no absolute certainty. Most claim that they came from the deserts of the west. Within a few decades, scattered all over the world and began to prevail in number over other races.
From the north came the orcs and went in search of the hustle and bustle of the war. Settlers dwarves and gnomes seek new habitats. From the east came many young elves, who want something more than just peace of the forest. These actions resulted in the intermingling of all races. ojawiły the halflings (hard to say where, because they face and silhouette of the dark elves, dwarves and the growth of human skin color) and half-elves. The times in which we come to get started is very restless. There was in fact the greatest disaster in the history of the world's My War.
"The Past" part.4
2010-11-30 @ 21:03:03
When Orcs sow that unusual phenomena and theirs power, the Orcs retreated incurring huge losses and moved east toward the conquest of the great mysterious forests.
Cutting down trees and killing animals orcs woke up powerful magic of nature.
The Past part.3
2010-11-14 @ 17:46:03
After about 150 years of war Grendin brothers did one of the most important discoveries in the history of magic. They invented a way to describe the whole runic formula in one rune symbol. Through this Runes Priests wrote to the symbol (usually it was describing an element and its operation) and using the internal energy (mana) made for example a wave of flames flooded the ranks of the enemies. Few better magicians were able only by thought mana to make the effect of the character runic. That's created the magic that we know nowadays.
"The Past" part.2
2010-11-08 @ 16:40:14
Races are very different from each other. Orcs love, chaos, destruction and weapons whih they can kill anything that moves, while the gnomes love peace, harmony, science, and the most they love mysterious runes. Fights between them lasted for few centuries. At this time, technologies in combat were developing very quickly. Orcs were making new weapons and war machines, and gnomes discovered new runic formula by which to step up their weapons and walls. Balance of success once leaning to one, and once on the other side, but none of the sides not related any bigger successes.
"The Past" part.1
2010-10-28 @ 15:46:22
The most complicated and developed organisms were dragons, gnomes and orcs. That races dominated in MW's world. Dragons fighted with their compatriots. Orcs enlargemented their territories and then they started attack gnome's mountain strongholds. Then has started Age of Great Wars
The Past
2010-10-06 @ 18:36:14
On the beginning there were runes. Every stone, every blade of grass and even a speck of dust has been written in these characters. Whole MW world's is unbelievable amount of runic combinations. The process of creating world seemed to have no end. It was only after billions of years passed to the next level: the creation of living beings. Then has started first period in MW history called the Age of Creation.
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