I dont wanna be innocient.
2011-06-15 @ 21:41:36
For her, after long time
2011-05-16 @ 17:33:01

Give me your hand
Come walk with me girl
Nothing's that far when your near
So come even closer to me
Something so easy to do
Disturbed? Uahaha!
2011-04-30 @ 20:06:21

Let's give'em just play ^^
For Her, The Truth
2011-04-19 @ 21:16:05

I will not do it again, I promise :*
2011-04-16 @ 07:58:12
When angles hear this song, they're crying

For You, For my Love :*
Leslie Nielsen
2011-03-16 @ 18:25:54
Last human die 28.11.2010
Nat, nat!
2011-03-16 @ 18:21:53
We need sometimes sacrifice ourselves for someone else.

Something Diffrent
2010-12-01 @ 21:16:01
Yeah, a few days ago I began to date with some person, she know about who I'm talking now, so I would like to show her some nice song.

For my only Love :*

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