0_o Eurovision? POLAND???
2008-09-07 @ 13:42:19
Poland won the 2008 Eurovision Dance Contest! Congratulations! I'm very astonished. Oh, yes, I belive in our country, but I am antonished anyway. Pff...
Holiday's end ;(
2008-08-28 @ 21:43:25
It's sad true. Today is thursday - on monday we go to school. Yet 3 days! :P I look for positiv xD 3 days = 72 h = 4320 minutes = 259200 seconds :P
Kisses for you! :) :*
Yea... I'm idler...
2008-08-18 @ 19:29:35
I'm sorry, I forget about my blog. Holidays - accordingly.
We have a the Olympics now. Actually, we've 7 medals. Haha, in assumption was 12 medals... Yep...
Yet 2 weeks of vacation. Uhh... And school now. I don't want!
Viva la Espania!!!
2008-06-29 @ 22:58:09
Oh yeah! Spain is the best of Europe! They beat Germany 1:0 (Fernando Torres rlz). And... I win Pepsi because I wager with my father. He think, that Spain will have good game but Germany will win. Oh yeah!! Viva la Espania!!
More Euro...
2008-06-26 @ 23:06:18
Yesterday Germany beat Turkey (fuck!). Today Spain win with Russia. This Euro is full surprise :)
Today I ride horseback. I like it! Although behind ail me :)
I haven't afflatus for write today. I greet you :*
2008-06-21 @ 14:02:08
At last we have the vacations! Two months for fun :) Have you any plans? I will go to Italy (july). It can I will go with my friends or parents. These vacations will be spontaneous :]
Special greetengs for Pauliśka :*
Euro 2008
2008-06-08 @ 16:31:59
Yes, this theme is currently popular. We are incesing German publicity. German team is good however, I believe to Poland. Polish team is better than two years ago (Mundial). Today evening we cheer Poland!

\\ =============

Hehe xD Kisses for you! :*
2008-05-27 @ 15:26:25
Yeah, I have free today ;) It's teacher's strike. It's stupid idea but good for students xD
I have a nice day. Shortly I go to shops and swimingpool.
And I will Eurovisia remember: I'm very happy because Greece don't win. I will Denmark or France win but Russia it's good also ;)
PS. I start slimming =)
Aha, certainly... xD
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