Edward Nożycoręki
2011-09-04 @ 16:16:31
Hi everyone
Today, on sunny Sunday, I have something special for you. I mean, a magnificent movie. It's definitely one of my favourite. Or even maybe my favourite?


Edward Scissorhands/ Edward Nożycoręki

In a castle situated on the top of the mountain lived a man, who was an inventor. He invented many things, but also he tried to create a man. Unfortunately he died and he didn't manage to finish his work. That boy, Edward, stayed alone, and instead of hands he had scissors.
Once unexpectedly avon's saleswoman came to his castle. She was deeply moved by his lot, and she took him to her home. Edward met her family, neighbours, who were really interested in his difference. Initially he helped them with his scissors, he cut their hair, took care about their gardens. He was really popular, untill he realised that they only took advantage of his skills. The following events changed Edward's life back...

What makes this movie so special? Everything ! Ok, in turn.

Cast. Johnny Deep... I can't imagine someone better, more suitable for this role. He is Edward in each gesture, move, and his face shows his emotions so clear! Very brave decision, but also really right. Thanks to that kind of roles, he is my favourite actor. But I need to admit that all the cast is just perfect.
Music. It's very climatic. It's building the atmosphere in every second. I think that just the atmosphere is the biggest advantage of this movie.
What else? The message of this film. Very quick this movie's changing from a nice comedy to a sad drama with so obvious, but important message. How many times have you seen someone like Edward? He's a symbol of people, who are disabled, crazy, or even they have the other colour of their skins. They're just different. Because difference doesn't mean wrong. Difference causes a sensation, but equally fast it's getting boring. Then it's worth to think also about this lonely different people and their hurt emotions.
I think it's also one optimistic message, I mean the power of a friendship. Because we can find close friends everywhere and friendship is our strength.

Who loves fairy tales? It's just a perfect one, for adults.

My mark is


Remember appearances can be deceptive!

Take care!
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