Siedem / Se7en
2011-08-29 @ 14:19:33
It's me. I've missed you, so I decided to wrtite to you something. Today is about, I think, one of the best films I've ever seen.


Siedem / Se7en

Seven dead bodies
Seven sins
Seven days

The plot is about mass murderer, who wants to show people that they're sinners. Each murder is terrifying and very cruel. Each victim represents one cardinal sin. Everything is intentional and it's going on for seven days.
We can see also two police officers, who are on the track of that mad man. They don't suspect what is the end of this investigation.

What is this story about? Is it about psyche of serial killer? Yes, I think it is. We can see really precise plan of revenge on all the depraved world. But this movie is also puting a question about our civilisation. The murder was crazy, but aren't we also mentally ill looking every day at crimes, sins and civilisation's orders. We can see it every day, and we do nothing. Is really our society in decline?

That movie is very depressing, dark and sombre. There's any special-effects, but it's still topical and poignant. In my opinion it's (apart from good plot) also because of very good cast. Reliable Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, and finally amazing Kevin Spacey created unforgettable masterpiece.

Everybody needs to see it !

My mark is


P.S. Remember that you also can know John Doe...
Introduction+ Julie & Julia
2011-08-27 @ 15:43:40
Hi everyone!
Ok, I'd like to tell you something about this new blog. There were two reasons to set it up; first:I want to improve my english; second:I love films and I think the easiest way to realise my intention is doing what I like- I'll review film! That's all.
Ooh and the last thing, I'm not a film critic!!! I just wanna share with you my feelings and I hope you'll do the same.



That is very strange choice for the first note, isn't it? ;-)

Ok, so why have I chosen it? I've just finished watching it a moment ago, and I thought that will be a pretty good start. Very pleasant and easy.

The story is about two women. Julie Powell in search of her life goal decided to start a blog (as me!). There she wants to run recipes of Julia Child (and of course to make all of them-524). Julia Child is just the second hero of this film, which it's showed the troubles she needed to go through before her book was published.

Well, like I said, the plot is easy, not demanding much thinking or contemplation. Obviously it's not a masterpiece, but it shouldn't be. Intention wasn't so ambitious and we need to perceive it as a light comedy (it's not very, very funny) for cold evenings. What is about the film cast, I think it's really suitable. Especially Amy Adams has played her role pretty good. Meryl Streep? I don't know why, but she was a bit annoying as a Julia to me. But please don't pay any attention to me, because everyone loves Meryl Streep also as a Julia. Their partners have been played by Stanley Tucci and Chris Messina.

To sum up it's a nice film for an evening if you haven't anything interesting to do. And I'm sure it's not a waste of time.

My mark it's



If you have suggstions or favourite films to recommend, please go ahead !
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