Hi and My resolutions
2011-12-29 @ 16:35:44
I am Ola, I'm 16.
I know it's not New Years Eve yet, but I have already prepared my resolutions. Do you have any? Share them with me :) I guess that if I write them publiclly it will be easier for me to keep them. Maybe I will inspiere somebody, who knows?

Ok, here there are:
1. Read one book a week.
2. Learn one poem by heart a week.
3. Learn spanish.
4. Start learning french.
5. Learn how to speed read.
6. Keep in touch with my friends (I chose specific).
7. Stop eating sweets.

There are a few more, but the're more personal.

I really want to stop with this sugar thing.
I will keep saying: sugar is my enemy. My uncle lost 10kg in 5 months only by not eating sweets. Isn't that amazing?

So do You believe in New Year as a new beginning? Do You make resolutions or maybe You consider yourself as perfect already?

P.S. If you recognize my mistakes in my posts, please let me know. I hope, by writing this blog I will improve my English. I hope you will want to help me.
Bye ;*
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