2007-08-16 @ 19:12:11
Oh yes, it's next day that I spend studying...I'm glued to my computer and I'm learning new words, althought my brain doesn't want more. That is why,that I want...no! I have to, I have to go to Olsztyn at 24th of
August under tent. This trip was canceled, because unfortunatelly in September I'm going to pass very important exam(I'm scared!), but my friends don't want to leave me alone:) Still and still they have been telling me that there will be great! They've remembered me last trip. If only I switched on my gg everyone ask me the same: Ania are you going to Olsztyn? I'm able to start crying! What should I do? So i'm sitting here and learnig to take some free days after that:) And sitting on the rocks with my friends and admiring sights:)It's worth seeing:)

If I were you I'll agree and go to a trip. You can't learning over and over again because it's tiresome and won't bring any success! You need some rest before your exam!
But now you should to use your free time and learn as many as you can!!

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